Lane Cove – This Car Park is Making Me Crazy

One of ITC’s favourtie shows is Seinfeld. In one episode Kramer keeps saying the line “These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty”. By the end of the episode he is saying that line in a crazy way. Well I have adopted that crazy tone when I talk about the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park. THIS CAR PARK IS MAKING ME CRAZY

Example 1

I alight from the lifts to see a back up of cars near the car park exit and a lovely senior citizen standing outside her car trying to speak to the intercom. Is this safe? Is this acceptable? NO

market square lane cove

Example 2

The boomgate will not rise for a car. The person in the car is trying to contact the parking operator via the intercom. The person behind the blocked car is honking their horn like a lunatic. Is this safe? Is this acceptable? NO
One day will there be an incident of car park rage; ending in a punch up?

Example 3

The car park’s peak period is between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm on a weekday. I was in the carpark and saw a car approach the boomgate. The boomgate went up, but the car could not proceed through the boomgate as there were two (possibly three cars) in front of the car. The cars in front were giving way to the traffic at the roundabout. The boomgate came down on the third car and would not reopen to let the car leave. The car reversed back to try and activate the boomgate and/or speak to the intercom. This resulted in the cars behind reversing. Is this safe? Is this acceptable? NO

lane cove market square car park

I wish I was making this up. I wish I could say I loiter around the carpark waiting for incidents. Unfortunately these have all happened in my regular visits to the Village. How many times do these issues have to be raised before the Lane Cove Council ditches the boomgate? Our previous blog on this carpark was one of our most widely read blogs – you can read it here.

Please make sure that you contact the Lane Cove Council on this [email protected] or phone 9911 3547 if you experience any issues departing the car park.