5 Reasons to Shop at an Independent Fruit and Grocery Store

Greengrocer's diet

Mr ITC loves going to the greengrocer. He gets edgy if he has not been to the greengrocer by midday on a Saturday. Many of my friends think I am lazy as I make my hardworking husband buy the fruit and veggies. However, it is not like that at all. My husband loves buying the fruit and vegetables. He, however, does not like it when I purchase the fruit and veggies. He thinks I do not spend enough time selecting the fruit, and I pick the wrong apple variety, or my Avo pick is not good enough.

I actually think he just likes chatting with the guys at the greengrocer. They seem to know our life story. If I pop in, they ask if we had a good holiday in Queensland or how Ms ITC went at water polo that week.

In Lane Cove we are lucky to have two independent greengrocers:

Lime Leaf Fruit Market – situated under Coles

lime leaf fruit and veg shop lane cove

Figtree Greengrocer – situated in Lane Cove West.

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Here are five reasons why we support our local greengrocers.

  1. Quality Does Not Cost It Pays

    For years, there was a sign up at Figtree Greengrocer stating Quality Does Not Cost it Pays. That is so true!! We have found the fruit and veggies we buy from the greengrocers last longer.  We very rarely need to throw out rotten fruit.  You can also buy a tray of fruit (and a tray definitely lasts longer).  If fruit is being sold by the tray you know it is a seasonal fruit and a great buy.

  2. They Have a Wider Range

    They have a huge variety of each type of fruit and veg. Just look at the different types of lettuces – enough to make Bill Shorten blush.

  3. They Visit the Markets Daily

    They are up each morning at the crack of dawn, down at the Markets buying fresh produce. Many of the greengrocers have been doing this for nearly all their life.  It is amazing how many greengrocers are the sons (or daughters) of greengrocers. They know their way around the markets and they know the secrets to buying the freshest produce.


  4. They carry the box of Fruit and Veggies to the Car – Chivalry is not dead. If you have a large box or heaps of bags they always offer to carry your shopping to the car. We always ask for our veggies to be packed in a cardboard box and not in the plastic bags. We then use this box as our recycling box for the week. Some greengrocers also offer free delivery.
  5. It teaches your children about Fruit and Vegetables – Some children do not know the difference between asparagus and broccoli. By taking your child to a greengrocer, you can wander up and down the aisles and explain to them the different types of fruit and vegetables. Let them pick their favourite fruit and/or vegetable. Many greengrocers have samples cut up so kids can taste the fresh fruit and tell you if they like it or not.  In fact, we should all eat more fruit and vegetables and last year one dietitian published a book called the Greengrocer’s Diet.  See our local nutritionist, Katrina Mills from Body Fusion’s review of the book here.1545213_1623141474632372_4549968849999199996_n

figtree grocers lane cove

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