The Adult Colouring In Book Craze in Lane Cove

You may have recently seen a few articles in the news about Adult Colouring Books and Mindfulness. In the Cove went on search of books in Lane Cove and found that the craze is well and truly catered for in Lane Cove. You can buy the books in Coles, the Lane Cove Newsagency and the Burns Bay Bookery. By they way when we talk about Adult Colouring in Books, we are not talking about mature adult content (or R rated stuff).

This is the range at Lane Cove Newsagency

Lane Cove Newsagency Colouring Book Lane Cove Newsagency Aisle Colouring Book

The Burns Bay Bookery has a smaller selection but they include the classics.

Burns Bay Bookery Lane Cvoe Anti Stress Harry Potter Colouring Book Lane Cove

Why are Adult Colouring Books so popular?

When we say popular, we mean very popular. The Secret Garden by Joahanna Bashford was number 4 on Amazon’s 2015 list of top selling books.

Burns Bay Bookery Lane Cove Colouring In

There appear to be three reasons for their popularity:

It relieves anxiety and stress

It is an undemanding pastime. You don’t have the stress of having to be creative. You just follow the lines.

It takes us back to our childhood (the nostalgic factor)

It’s the Peter Pan factor. Adults read half of the “teen aged literature”.

It’s an excuse to put away electronic devices

It’s going back to the day when we used papers and pen and life seemed so less complicated.

Of course, every trend has its detractors. Actor/comedian Russell Brand weighed in with a video rant questioning whether these books are a sign of the apocalypse. He argued we should be doing something more meaningful with our lives than colouring.

However, you know something is popular when it starts to be parodied.

Burns Bay Bookery Parady Colouring In

One thing we have yet to confirm – if there is a Colouring In Club (like a book club except you colour in) located in Lane Cove. Certainly in other suburbs, people converge to swap pencils, sip some wine and nibble on cheese. If you know of one, let us know?

If you really want to take it further and use it as therapy you may like to try

art therapy lane cove

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