5 Lane Cove Tips for Time Poor People

Time Poor Lane Cove

You might work in a stressful job with long hours; you might work full or part time and have kids, no matter what you do there are some tasks that are easy to delegate. Remember it is not a bad thing to delegate – it is not a crime to give you yourself a break. Here are five quick tips for Time Poor People.

Cleaning the Oven and BBQ Tip

It is one of those jobs that you need to do, but who has the time and energy to clean the oven and the BBQ. It is time to call Tim from Sparkling Ovens and BBQ who will clean up your BBQ and Oven without you having to raise a sweat. No job is too big or too small. ITC had a friend who accidentally left her BBQ on for three days with the lid down. She called in Tim, and this was the result:

sparkling bbq and ovens lane cove

Grooming and Washing the Dog

Yes we should wash our dog but who has time for that. Drop your dog off at Darling Paws for a good groom and wash. This is what Mr Doggy ITC looked like after a groom session at Darling Paws.

Dog Grooming Lane Cove

Pack a Picnic

Want to have a fun day with friends at a local park or beyond? Chargrill Charlies will pack you a picnic, and all you have to is to provide the venue! All of your shop favourites are available for you to order and they will package it up for you to collect on the day. For example, let’s say you have twenty people you want to take to Blackman Park for a picnic – they can pack you up one of their delicious Thai chicken salads, throw in bread roles and another salad option from around $14 per head. It’s a great way to feed a group of people in a really cost efficient and delicious way.

Chargrill Charlies Lane Cove

Quick Entertaining Tip

Having people over for dinner this weekend? Don’t spend time slaving over a hot stove. Buy one of Hummerstons Gourmet Meat slow cooked lambs. Put it in the oven for four hours and do nothing. They even give you the oven bag. When it is cooked, you will have meat falling off the bone.

Hummerstons slow cooked lamb lane cove

Have Your Tyres Changed at Home

Picture this, you have only a few days left to obtain your pink slip and register your car for the year. You have a feeling your tyres might need to be changed before you pass your pink slip test. You don’t really want to wait around at a tyre place and take time off work to get your tyres replaced. If that is a scenario you know well, we have the solution for you: and a solution that the ITC family has used with great success. Road Runner Mobile Tyre Service comes to your house 7 days a week (yes that is correct even on a Sunday), to change and balance your tyres. Yes, they do charge a small call out fee, but their tyre prices are very competitive and on a par with the big boys (ITC knows as she checked the prices to compare with those charged by Road Runner).

Mobile Tyres Lane Cove

Road Runner is the brainchild of Steve McCartney and John Shim. The idea came to Steve as he was waiting to get his tyres changed. He was sitting in a waiting room for a few hours on uncomfortable plastic seats drinking bad coffee, when a light bulb moment occurred. Why should people wait around, when you could have tyres changed at your house.The service is great. They came when they said they would come. New tyres were put on the car without leaving home. Road Runner can also help you if you have a dreaded nail in your tyre.

Website:  www.roadrunnermobiletyres.com.au
Facebook:  Road Runner Mobile Tyres
Phone:  1800 786 637
Head Office:  Unit 14/85 Mars Road, Lane Cove West



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  1. Sparkling Ovens are the BEST. Have been lucky enough to have Tim clean my oven for a number of years. He does such a great job. Highly recommend him.

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