The A-Z of Lane Cove – S is for Sweet Treats

sprinkle roll sweet treats

Here at ITC Headquarters we suffer from that fairly common, yet waist-expanding ailment, a sweet tooth! And we are really spoilt for choice in Lane Cove – with multiple bakeries and cafes keeping us happily sugared up. We asked you for your favourite sweets and desserts and then we tried them out. We know it is a tough job but someone has to do it.

A = Almond Friands

The Almond Friands from 4 Beans Co in Greenwich have just the right friandy consistency and flavour, and lovely crunchy almond slivers on the top.

4 beans co almond friand

B = Biscuits

Poseidon’s Catch in Lane Cove West give our the best biscuits with their coffee. These little delights are just the right amount of sweetness to have with a cuppa.

Poseidons catch lane cove

C = Churros

Churros from Oliver Brown Lane Cove – they are baked and not fried – so  they must be better for you??  Hmm dip them into that lovely chocolate sauce and taste away.

churrios Lane cove

D = Donuts  

If you love Donuts, you will love these bad boys from Pablo & Rusty’s. They even have a bacon topped Donut!!!

Pablo and Rusty Donuts

E = Espresso Brulee

This little number at Lodge is a delight for coffee lovers.

espresso brulee

F = Feathers

A sponge as light as a feather (hence the name) with jam and cream packed in it – available from The Cake Man.

feather the cake man lane cove

G = Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins

These Lodge  muffins may be Gluten Free, but definitely not low-calorie. They are pretty evil (in a good way!) and not for the faint hearted. ITC dares you to eat a whole one, in one sitting!

gluten free choc muffin lodge

H = Hot Cross Buns

Aussies love Hot Cross Buns so much, that these days some supermarkets sell them pretty much all year round! In Lane Cove, the top selling buns are from Bakers Delight and One Seed Patisseries.

hot cross buns

I = Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee

Fink Chocolate Cafe has some very sweet and cool iced drinks – perfect for a hot day

iced chocolate fink lane cove

J = Japanese Pocky Sticks

Miss ITC loves Japanese Pocky Sticks. If you’re not familiar with them, pop past Lane Cove’s very own Japanese Grocery Store – Mori Mart, and check them out!

pocky sticks mori mart japanese

K = Kulfi

Have you tried Indian Kulfi?! It is like ice cream, only denser and creamier. Pictured here at Indian Fusion Restaurant & Bar.

Kulfi photo taken by Dee the Foodie
L = Lamingtons

The lamingtons at One Seed were a big favourite with our Facebook Fans, so in the name of research purposes only, we girded our loins and taste tested. OMG OMG OMG. The sponge is so light, the chocolate coating is just right and the cream was so fresh. This is a must if you love a lamington. Of course, if you are a purist you can have the lamington without cream.

one seed lane cove lamington

M = Melting Moments

ITC has two favourite Melting Moments. There are the ones from Zest and the ones from Lodge. Both have that nice shortbread taste. No one likes a doughy Melting Moment.

melting moments

N = Nutella Scrolls

The Cake Man does a great scroll that is topped with a huge amount of Nutella. Simply Stunning.

nutella scroll cake man

O = Opera Cake

The Opera Cake from Pottery Green Bakers is pretty darn aria worthy!

opera cake
Photo by mxzzheng
P = Pizza with Nutella

Located in Lane Cove North, Cafe Geo have dessert covered, with their Pizza slathered in Nutella. (Can you tell ITC loves Nutella!?).

nutella pizza cafe geo lane cove dessert

Q = Queue-worthy Gelato

Gelatissimo is the place to be in the afternoons, when they have ‘Happy Hour’ pries, and people queue out the door. Our tips – Cookies & Cream gelato, drizzled with molten Nutella (!!!); or for the more virtuous of you, the Sugar Free Strawberry is certainly queue-worthy.

glatissimo lane cove dessert

R = Raspberry and Lemon Macaroon (Gluten Free)

La Provence has a brilliant Raspberry and Lemon Macaroon that will have you swooning, and it is Gluten Free!


S = Sprinkle Bun

This is without doubt the number one sweet treat kids in Lane Cove love. If you don’t like sprinkles on your bun, you can have pink icing, or coconut sprinkles. These pink buns are sold to support the Breast Cancer Network Australia during the Pink Bun Campaign each year!

sprinkle roll finger bun bakers delight

S (again) = Scrolls

These cinnamon scrolls at Fink Cafe are too good to not mention.


T = Tart au Citron (or Lemon Tart)

When we asked for your favourite dessert in Lane Cove, The Cake Man’s Lemon Tart and Lemon Meringue was a firm fav.

lemon tart the cake man lane cove

U = Unique to Lane Cove

It really does look almost too pretty to eat. But how could you resist devouring the Rainforest Cave from One Seed Patisseries. The Belgium chocolate shell holds a mixture of chocolate mousse, hazelnut brittle, passionfruit marshmallows and berries. And it’s Gluten Free. Somebody stop me!

one seed patisseries unique rainforest cave

V = Vanilla Slice

Call us old fashioned, but sometimes only an old-school Vanilla Slice will do. The pictured ones are at La Provence, but The Cake Man does a mean one too.

vanilla slice la provence

W = Waffles

We have it on good authority (ok, we tried them too!) that the chocolate drizzled Waffles from Oliver Brown are pretty special.

oliver brown waffles

X = Xtremely Healthy

These ‘xtremely’ healthy raw food treats are available from Go Vita. The cupcake looking one is a “Chocolate Crackle”. It is seriously hard to believe how good these sugar free ‘sweets’ are!

go vita raw food

Y = Yogurt

If the line-up of kids after school is anything to go by, Snowberry Frozen Yogurt is a very popular sweet treat for kids ITC. The novelty factor pays off too – as it is self service, so you can have as little or as much yogurt as you like, and then add a variety of healthy and not so healthy toppings.

snowberry yogurt
Photo by Dahye Jeon
Z = Zivelli Friands

Zivelli friands are made on the premises at Cafe Zivelli, and are the biggest looking friands we have seen ITC (or anywhere for that matter!)

zivelli friands

Have we got your sweet tooth tingling yet! Would love to hear how many treats on our A-Z you have already tried, and which is next on your list!


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