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ITC has put together an amazing team of local experts to help make your life in Lane Cove (and beyond!) just that bit easier. Our travel guru, Adrienne Witteman from Trendsetter Travel & Cruise Centre shares some ideas for romantic travel.

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We’re still wildly in love and celebrating our 1st/2nd/3rd … (you choose) wedding anniversary. Where’s close and wonderful?

You can’t beat a quick escape to somewhere romantic, with beautiful views, great food and a hip vibe year round. Both Queenstown and Tasmania are gorgeous in winter (snuggle up together) or summer (enjoy walks and wine). Or if you just want to fly and flop coastal Bryon Bay, Lord Howe, Hamilton and Hayman tick the boxes.

Help! Our relationship is in need of resuscitation – what can we do?

Try cruising but note it has to be the right ship. Statistics prove that cruises are seductive and there is more loving onboard than ashore. (Remember The Love Boat?)

I don’t have a partner. Where can I go where there are lots of single blokes?

Presuming that you are not interested in a mining camp holiday try somewhere with lots of adventuresome types and hundreds of singletons. Eligible bachelors are plentiful in Queenstown but make sure you’ve got a lot of energy to keep up with them. Also but 3 hours east, the major rebuild in Christchurch has seriously skewed the genders. Tradies and professionals, many from afar can be found in the post-earthquake groovy bars relaxing after a hard day at work.

Oh no! I want a romantic holiday and he wants to take the kids. Where to?

Believe it or not you can have family and romance. You need somewhere with lots of activities to tire the kids so that by night they’re happy to fall asleep with a babysitter, or go to kids club while you whisper sweet nothings to each other. Certain cruises fit the bill, and of course Fiji is fabulous in this respect. Don’t discount Club Med either – no longer a Frenchified Butlins Holiday Camp, this is a seriously good holiday option that ticks a lot of boxes.

How do I stretch my very limited budget and go somewhere to make new memories with my love?

Look to burn some of those frequent flyer points to Melbourne or Adelaide for a quick weekend. City hotels often offer good weekend packages when business people aren’t staying, you won’t need a car (walking hand-in-hand kindles the fires) and there are cuisines to suit all tastes and budgets. And if time is tight, a night here in a Sydney hotel and a walk around our beautiful harbour can work the same magic.

Adrienne Whittman Trendsetter Travel Lane Cove

Adrienne Witteman from Trendsetter Travel & Cruise Centre

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