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Lane Cove Chiropractic started in Lane Cove in the early 70’s and is still here today.  Last year when we were researching a blog about Lane Cove Chiropractic we found out that Mark and Julie (the owners of Lane Cove Chiropractic) have a talented daughter who has a healthy lifestyle blog.  The blog is called Chia Mia. We asked Mia, the brains behind Chia Mia, to give us a rundown on her blog and a few of her favourite healthy recipes.


Why did you start the blog?

I started studying to be a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which inspired me to start experimenting with healthy ingredients. I then started to enjoy really making up healthy recipes as alternatives to unhealthy foods like swapping wheat pasta for zucchini pasta. So I decided to start up a blog where I could share my recipes with family and friends and just kept going with it. People I’d never met before started looking at my blog, making recipes from it and sharing it which was really exciting. I still get so excited and happy when people share their recipe recreations with me.

How did you parents inspire you?

I was brought up eating a very healthy diet, and my parents always taught me the importance of eating well and exercising regularly. However, when I moved out of home at around 19, I didn’t eat very well and began constantly feeling tired and rundown. I started looking into super foods and how they can improve your health which is how I came to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. That is something I probably never would have looked into if I hadn’t been brought up knowing that what you eat, your mindset and how often you exercise can really affect your health. My parents also love what they do, and they are very passionate about it so I have always grown up knowing that it is possible to make a career doing something you’re passionate about.

What do you like about Lane Cove?

I have never lived in Lane Cove, but my mum and dad have had their Chiropractic Clinic, Lane Cove Chiropractic, there most of my life, so I have definitely spent a lot of time there and still do. I like that Lane Cove is constantly evolving and becoming more health conscious; there are always new healthy cafes popping up, as well as new gyms, yoga and Pilates studios. I can’t wait until The Source Bulk Food store opens up; I’ll be spending a lot of time in there! I also love that there are lots of great coffee shops to choose from. At the moment STORY is my favourite. I always grab a coffee from there after seeing mum or dad for an adjustment.

What are the most popular recipes on your blog?

Orange Cake
Orange and Almond Cake
Super Easy Protein Balls
Super Easy Protein Balls
Snicker Balls
Choc Tahini Balls
Choc Tahini Balls

How Can We Live a Healthier Life?

I think in order to be truly healthy you have to have a healthy mindset as well. You can eat all the quinoa, kale and green juice in the world and workout every day but if you are constantly stressed and unhappy with yourself or your life, then you are not going to be truly healthy. In saying that, it is important to eat well and exercise, but if you treat yourself every once in a while or don’t exercise for a few days, there is no point in beating yourself up over it as it’s just going to cause you more harm than good.

What are your Top 5 Health Tips?

  • Drink lots of water – cliché I know but it really is so important for your health.
  • Get regular adjustments – I always feel so amazing after an adjustment.
  • Find an exercise you love doing, so it doesn’t feel like a chore and you’re more likely to stick to it.
  • Eat healthy foods that you actually like the taste of and enjoy eating – don’t just eat something because you think you should even if you don’t like it.
  • Meditate – even if it’s just 5-10 mins a day.

Thank you for your time, Mia.  If you want to follow Mia – here are all her contact details.


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