The Art of Recycling – Are You Doing it Correctly?

I am not ashamed to admit that Mr ITC and I have had some fights about what should be recycled and what goes into general waste. Our biggest disagreements are over pizza boxes and milk lids. Apparently we are not alone. According to Recycle Smart a recent survey revealed that 99% of residents are still unsure how to recycle some household items. 

Beside pizza boxes, other articles that cause confusion are Pringle tins, aerosols, tea bags and aluminium foils.

Pringle Tins – No

Aerosols – Yes

Tea Bags – No

Aluminium  Foil – clean foil scrunched in a ball is recyclable.

With this in mind, late last year Recycle Smart released the Recycle Smart app. This app allows you to search over 170 different items to see if you are allowed to recycle them in your local council area.

recycle smart app
Source: Recycle Smart

The first thing I searched was pizza boxes. I found out that if the pizza boxes are clean they can be recycled.

pizza recycling

If you are not an app person, this table from the Lane Cove Council Website is a handy reference guide.

In the YELLOW BIN bottles and containers
Remove lids and rinse all containers before placing in the bin.

Plastic Containers Plastic containers with the following symbols will be accepted for recycling:

Bottles marked with the R logo, or in a recycling triangle on the containers’ base and plastic milk bottles will be accepted.

Glass All see-through glass bottles and jars made of green, brown and clear glass are recyclable.

Glasses not accepted for recycling include ceramics and porcelain, broken glass of any kind, white (Malibu) glass, Pyrex cookware, mirrors or windows, light globes, sheet glass or poison bottles.

Aluminium & Steel Cans Aluminium and steel cans (including aerosols) are accepted.
Milk/Juice Cartons Plastic milk and juice containers are accepted, however paper/cardboard containers are not accepted (into BLUE bin)
Unacceptable Material Your recycling bin may be stickered and left if it contains any of the following:
Disposable nappies, syringes, food scraps, garden waste, or plastic shopping bags.


It is interesting to note that as much as a half of all municipal waste goes to landfill. Planning ahead, opening food as you go and not over-catering are ways to reduce food landfill. You can also start composting and Lane Cove Council has a free worm farm for you – full details are here.

Last year, Planet Ark  launched a new Australian Recycling Label, which was designed to address both customer confusion and the desire for on-pack information. The label is made up of a simple diagram, which provides clear instructions about the recyclability of each component of the pack. So far only Officeworks and Blackmores have adopted this labelling system.

Source: Planet Ark
Source: Planet Ark

What other recycling options are there in Lane Cove?

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