ITC has Breakfast at Tee 4 Two Lane Cove Country Club

lane cove golf club

Last Sunday the ITC Family headed off to the Lane Cove Country Club for breakfast. Tee 4 Two operates on Saturday and Sunday and is situated on the Lane Cove Country Club deck. They serve breakfast/brunch and lunch. They are open Saturdays from 9.30am and Sundays from 10.00am.

Tee 4 Two is run by Dave Martin. Dave used to have a cafe in Pyrmont near the Convention Centre. Once the Convention Centre was demolished, Dave no longer had the foot trade and it was time to move on.

If you are a fan of the good Aussie fry up or the Full English, then this is the brekkie for you. It’s a Kale Free, Foam Free, Truffle Oil Free and Smashed Avocado Free zone. Food is served on plates (no bread boards in sight). You will not see a mason jar at Tee 4 Two.  You can grab a cuppa and that is a must for ITC in the mornings. Dave does not skimp on the froth!!

breakfast Tee 4 Two

It is honest, unpretentious food. We think Dave is leading the trend back to basic comfort food (sometimes called nostalgia food). You have your choice of white bread or white bread. You will not see sourdough, rye, or the word artisan on the menu. So if you want to be served by a very personable guy who concentrates on the basics – this is the place for you.

Full English Breakfast

ITC only sampled the breakfast menu. Dave also serves lunch, with hamburgers the main attraction.

It is very pleasant sitting on the deck of the Lane Cove Country Club. It is one of the best views in Lane Cove. As you eat your meal, you sit and gaze over the lush grass of the Lane Cove Golf Course. Parking is free and there is no time limit, boom gate or sensors.  If your kids play tennis at the River Road Tennis Centre, you should pop in before or after they play, for a snack.

Dave is only open on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast and lunch, the main Lane Cove Country Club restaurant is called Hayworth and is run by Bern the Chef. Bern has been a caterer for a long time and you should check out Hayworth. We have had great feedback about the Cardamon Chicken and the Salmon.   Hayworth is open from Thursday to Sunday from 3.00pm to 10.30pm.  If you are like ITC and grew up with Sunday Roast dinners – head down to Hayworth on Sunday night for a Roast Dinner (Roast Dinners taste 200% better when you don’t have to cook them yourself). We will be reviewing their Roast Dinners shortly.  But what we can tell you is that she makes real gravy from scratch (this never happens in the ITC household).

Hayworth Restaurant Lane Cove Golf Club

ITC paid for their meal. This is not a sponsored blog. ITC is working with the Lane Cove Country Club to raise awareness of the golf and club facilities on our doorstep. LCCC is an ITC Gold Sponsor.