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Meet Lane Cove Local, The Wholesome Athlete. This wonder woman is not only an endurance bicycle racer, but she is a healthy food advocate too.  ITC is always transfixed by her adventures and her stamina.  You feel like you have had a workout just looking at her pictures on social media.

The Wholesome Athlete offers advice to triathletes, runners or cyclists that are interested in a cleaner more natural approach to training and racing. She shares recipes for homemade gels, sports drinks, bars and balls, encouraging you to “replace mass produced crap“.

So what makes the Wholesome Athlete tick and why does she choose to call Lane Cove home?

wholesome athlete

Why do you like Lane Cove?

Lane Cove has everything I need – Great small businesses, fantastic facilities, location and such a community feel.

What is the best place to ride in Lane Cove?

One of my all time favourite rides is through Lane Cove National Park. I feel so grateful that we have this close to home, away from the traffic and noise. I think the bike path into the city is a great asset and I love riding over the bridge at night and taking it all in.

Why do you do endurance races?

I do endurance races because I love the challenge. I thrive when I’ve got a goal set and I’m working towards it. Endurance training/racing requires such dedication and the results are worth every minute and all the sacrifice. I learn a lot about myself with endurance training and racing. It’s more than just physical; there is so much mentally that goes on with endurance sport.
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What is the hardest race you have done?

Racing the Ironman triathlon World Championships in Hawaii was one of the toughest races I’ve done. I had 6 weeks from qualifying and nothing quite prepares you for the heat and winds that Kona throws at you.
Not exactly a race, but in 2015 I completed an Everesting attempt which involved riding up and down a hill on my bike in order to accumulate the same height in vertical meters as Everest – 8848m. It took me nearly 23 hours and it got pretty ugly out there!

Tell us about the Peaks Challenge?

Peaks Challenge is held in Falls Creek and is a cycling event that covers 235km and over 4000m of climbing. It takes me about 8 months to prepare and I completed it for my third time two weeks ago in 10hrs40min.

What if you favourite recipe?

That’s a hard one! Probably my Choc Mint Bliss Balls
Choc Mint Bliss Balls 
1 cup dates
1 cup almonds
3/4 cup chocolate protein powder
1/4 cup cacao
1/2 tsp salt flakes (optional)
1 tsp peppermint essence
2Tbs milk
Optional – 1/3 cup puffed rice
1. Soak dates in boiling water until softened. Drain. Place in food processor and pulse until a paste is made.
2. Add nuts, protein powder, cacao, salt, peppermint essence and milk to food processor. Mix until combined.
3. Roll mixture into balls. Refrigerate until firm.
Optional: before rolling mixture into balls, add puffed rice.

wholesome bliss balls

What would you like to see in Lane Cove for people who ride bikes and train?

Lots of motorists enter and leave parking spots without checking for cyclists. It’s frightening to ride on some Lane Cove bike paths for fear of someone opening a car door. I’d love to see safer options for cyclists on the roads of Lane Cove and some bike parking. (ITC note there are now bike parking cages down in the Little Street Car Park – information can be obtained from the Lane Cove Council)

What is your Nutrition Mantra?

There’s a better way than consuming sugar and chemical filled “food” products. Nourish your body!

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