Lane Cove Car Park Violence – Is it Worth It?

car park rage

Police are investigating an assault that took place in the Lane Cove Market Square Car park two weeks ago.

It is alleged that at around 12.45pm on Thursday 4th August a 50 year old male from Greenwich was waiting for a car parking space to be vacated by another vehicle. As the male went to enter the parking space, an unknown (at this stage) male has driven into the space. The 50 year old male becoming annoyed at this, got out of his vehicle and approached the unknown male. The males exchanged words in a heated conversation before the unknown male has allegedly struck the 50 year old on the face with a shopping bag and left the location.

The incident was witnessed by several persons in the vicinity who have since spoken to police.

The 50 year old male later reported the incident to police and police are currently following up investigations to the incident. If anyone else observed the incident they are also asked to contact Chatswood Police.

This is not the first time that In the Cove has been made aware of Lane Cove car park rage. Parking in Lane Cove can be frustrating but police urge restraint because if you drive in a dangerous and aggressive manner … that can lead to investigation of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle which is a criminal offence.  ITC can tell you from experience how annoying it is to circle around the Rosenthal  Avenue car park only to see someone drive right in and take the spot you had your eye on.

There is now more parking in Lane Cove with the opening of the Little Street Car Park.  You can find out more about it here.  Just be aware that we have had reports of people being charged when the total time in the Little Street Car Park and the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park exceeds 3 hours in one day.

The way to deal with car park rage is to walk away and don’t argue or prolong the matter.  If you do feel threatened make sure you not the number plate of the person who is threatening you.  It is a good idea to do this surreptitiously as you don’t want to enrage the person more.

Road Rage is apparently at its worst during the Christmas Shopping Season.

Remember with road rage – no body ever wins.

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