10 Back Pain Myths – Busted

Are you suffering from lower back pain?  Tempted to just lie down and not do any activity until the pain goes away?  Lane Cove Physio busts some common back pain myths.

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  1. Research shows most people experiencing their first episode of acute low back pain will recover within two to six weeks maximum!
  2. Bed Rest is not helpful.
  3. Staying active during an episode of acute low back pain can help to reduce pain and improve function faster.
  4. Scans and X-rays are usually not necessary. A large number of pain free people have findings like disc bulges which is just normal. It does not mean you have pain from the disc.
  5. Avoiding activity and moving carefully does not help you long term.
  6. Worrying about your pain will influence your back pain.
  7. Lifting and bending can be done in a safe manner . However your physiotherapist is the best person to educate you on this.
  8. Movement  of your back is good. It was designed to move in all directions. Even twisting!
  9. More back pain does not usually mean more damage.
  10. Back pain is not caused by something being out of place. This is a fallacy and not proven in research, science or literature.

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Get it sorted soon to get you out of pain quicker and prevent any recurrence.

Book your appointment with one of Lane Cove Physio experienced physiotherapists who will help you get back on your feet, pain free.

Located at the end of Longueville Road, on the corner of River Road, is Lane Cove Physio. They aren’t just a standard physio practice, as hidden behind their facade is a state of the art hydrotherapy pool.

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