Lane Cove Week in Review – 31 Oct to 6 Nov 2016

lane cove weekly wrap up
Welcome to our Lane Cove Week Weekly Wrap Up for 31 October to 6 November 2016.

The weather was stunning this week!! We started the week with trick or treating and the Melbourne Cup and finished the week with two big events in the Lane Cove Council area that attracted crowds.


It was lovely to see very cute and mostly very polite kids out trick or treating. Some families really went all out with the decorations. Here are just a few spooky costumes for you.

Melbourne Cup

The Lane Cove Council again installed a big screen at the Plaza, and it was a hit. The restaurants and clubs were packed with well-dressed patrons.

melbourne cup lane cove plaza

The Greenwich Village Arts Trail

Now it in its 5th year, the Greenwich Village Arts Trail is becoming very popular. When ITC toured Greenwich, there were people all over the place walking around and enjoying the art. You can find out more about it here.

Greenwich Arts Trail 2016

The Food and Wine Festival by the River

Now in its 2nd year, the Food and Wine Festival was a really enjoyable event. It is a delightful way to spend a few hours by the river.

Lane Cove Council Revisits the Pottery Green Parking Question

The Lane Cove Council is currently seeking community feedback on parking options while the Rosenthal Avenue car park is redeveloped. One of the suggestions in their community survey is for Pottery Green to be used for car parking. Read our article on this issue here and make sure you complete the survey to make your thoughts known.


Greenwich Baths

These baths are currently closed due to renovations to upgrade the changeroom and on-site amenities.  Unfortunately during demolition a significant amount of additional asbestos was found buried underneath the men’s toilets.

Regrettably this has delayed the opening of the baths which was originally planned for mid November. Once a firm date has been established to reopen, Council will update on-site signage, the Council website and Greenwich Baths website.

Accident in Lane Cove Market Square Car Park

This week an elderly driver was run over by her car while she was in the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park. Eye Witnesses told ITC the lady was parked near a small concrete barrier/curb. While reversing, her car hit the barrier. The lady opened her car door to see what she had hit. Unfortunately, she leaned over a bit too far and fell out of the car. The car was still in reverse and rolled over her. Ambulance and police were in attendance. We have not been able to ascertain the extent of her injuries from any media reports. This incident is a good reminder to ensure your car is in park mode when you open your car door while the car is running. ITC has seen a few people reverse back to press the button on the box located near the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park exit point and then alight from their car. If the car is still in reverse this can be dangerous.

Some Good News

Well done to Leo Waterman!!! Thanks to Leo, we were able to reunite a very precious piece of jewellery with its owner. It really was a case of good karma. You can read about it here.

Two rings


Congratulations to Pureflowers who are celebrating 5 years as owners of Lane Cove’s longest operating florist. Lud and Ellen took over Ellen’s florist 5 years ago, however the florist shop has been operating in Lane Cove for over 20 years.

To celebrate this milestone event, Pureflowers is giving away a candle a week for November.  All you have to do is Email us and in 25 words or less tell us your favourite flower and why. Make sure you include your name and address and telephone number. This is a game of skill and not chance. Comp closes 30 November 2016 and there will be a winner drawn each week. You can only enter once.

pure flowers candle

Lane Cove West Primary School

How great are Lane Cove West Primary School for arranging a food drive for the House of Welcome. They have managed to fill 17 boxes kindly donated by Storage King Lane Cove. House of Welcome is a refugee and asylum seeker centre based in Carramar.


Crime Report

This week’s North Shore LAC Crime Report:-

Charge and arrest – Lane Cove

Around 8.45pm on the 26th October a 38 year old male from Lane Cove was observed walking past a number of shop fronts on Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove. It is alleged that at the time he has stopped out the front of a Cafe at the location and was then observed using a cigarette lighter to set an umbrella alight.

The male has then left the location while witnesses have contacted police and accessed a nearby fire reel and fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

The male has then allegedly entered a liquor store nearby, grabbing two bottles of alcohol from the counter, before throwing one of them at a shelf inside the store causing 13 bottles of alcohol to smash. The male has then proceeded outside the store where he has allegedly thrown the other bottle of alcohol.

Around 8.50pm the male has then proceeded to another store where he has allegedly walked up to the service counter, grabbing a computer monitor and forcibly breaking it. A store employee recognised the male as being a person for which a banning noticed had been placed on them earlier in the year.

The male has left the location and headed towards a mall located in Lane Cove as police arrived on scene. Witnesses at the location have provided police with details of the males’ location. Police have caught up with the male and advised him to stop. The male refused to comply with police directions and as a result, a struggle ensued until police were able to eventually arrest him. The male was conveyed back to Chatswood Police Station where he made full admissions to the offences committed.

The male has now been charged with Resist officer in the execution of duty, Enter enclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, two counts of Destroy or damage property <=$2000, Damage property by fire/exp. He is required to attend Hornsby Local Court next month.

Break and Enters in the local area this week:-

* Yallambee Road, RIVERVIEW
Between 5:00pm on Saturday 29th October and 8:15am on Sunday 30th October
*Helen Street, LANE COVE NORTH
Between 3:00pm and 6:15pm on Friday 28th October

Upcoming Events Not To Be Missed

Are you worried about how much time your children spend on their digital devices?  If you are, then we suggest you attend Chiropractic Central’s seminar on How to Raise a Healthy Family in the Digital Age.

Join Peter FitzSimons to hear about his new book.

authro talk

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