Lane Cove Let’s Make Sure We Keep our Green Spaces

lane cove golf club

ITC has just read a blog published on the Centennial Parklands website about the importance of Green Spaces. If you have time, please read the blog in full, but here are some highlights which apply to Lane Cove.

The article opens with the line ” Green Space is not Vacant Space”  and we could not agree more. Here are the five reasons why green spaces are so important to communities:

  1. Parks improve your health;
  2. Parks improve your brain (research has shown that when a person enters a park they can think clearer and deeper);
  3. Parks improve your lifestyle;
  4. Parks improve your hip pocket (apparently living near a public park increase property values); and
  5. Parks improve your city.

Listed below are just a few examples of green spaces we need to ensure we keep as green spaces (note ITC is not saying that there are currently plans to remove the green spaces, but with Council Amalgamations looming  – you just never know).

Pottery Green 

This area is used by many diverse groups and by local schools.  It is also the largest green area close to the Lane Cove Plaza.  We reported last week that the Lane Cove Council again floated plans about using Pottery Green as a temporary car park during the construction of the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park.  You can read about it here.


Lane Cove Bowling Club and Charlish Park

The combined area of these green spaces would be a developer’s delight.  The Lane Cove Bowling Club has a street front on Burns Bay Road and Charlish Park has a street front on Centennial Avenue.


Lane Cove Golf Club

The Lane Cove Golf Club is a huge asset to Lane Cove.  Many people enjoy walking through the golf course either early in the morning or later in the evening.  It is not just a golf course, it’s a beautiful green space used by many. ITC did hear a rumour that there were men in suits wandering around the area looking like developers (but it is only a rumour those men in suits may have just been stretching their legs). If you really want to be inspired to take up golf read our article about 95-year-old Margaret Tanner who still plays golf once a week.


Any Green Space in the Mowbray District

Mowbray residents have been campaigning for a long period of time for more green space.  They would like two decent parks (currently there are only two very small pocket parks – one of them the Council is negotiating to get rid of). Both existing parks need a big upgrade and some money spent on them.  You can read more about the struggle for more parks in this article.


Burns Bay Reserve

This park is a very valuable sport and recreation site.  Many teams train or play sports here.  In some places it is looking a bit unloved and has not had the money spent on it to the same extent as other parks (for example Tambourine Bay Road Park is looking amazing and Blackman park is outstanding).  The boat ramp was recently updated, however the rest of the park could do with some more work and facilities.


These are just a few of the green areas ITC thinks needs preserving.  What other areas do you know about that could be in danger?   In the words of Kermit the Frog – “it’s not easy being green”.


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