Get to Know Other North Shore Suburbs!!

As the song goes, everybody needs good neighbours!!  The Lane Cove Council area is bordered by suburbs, that like Lane Cove, have a great community spirit.  There are several local websites or facebook sites that provide information on a particular local area (known as a hyperlocal website).  ITC has put together a list of hyperlocal sites that you may want to like or follow. It’s a great idea to follow these sites if you regularly visit neighbouring suburbs, work in a neighbouring suburb or your house is located in or near another local government area.

Discover Hunters Hill


Discover Hunters Hill has been providing community information to Hunters Hill residents since July 2005. Discover Hunters Hill is a not-for-profit association that provides information on Hunters HillGladesvilleBoronia ParkHenleyHuntley’s CoveHuntley’s Point & Woolwich.

DHH was specifically incorporated to preserve the character of the Hunters Hill area, to maintain its independence as a Municipality and to ensure the viability of its local businesses, professionals, and services.  DHH has just updated their website and you can also follow then on Instagram and Facebook.

Greenwich Community Association


The Greenwich Community Association is an active group, offering updates on issues that impact Greenwich (Greenwich at this stage is still part of the Lane Cove Council Area).  The Greenwich Community Association has a website and you can subscribe to their newsletter here.  They do not have a Facebook site.


Willoughby Living


The Willoughby Council boundary area is adjacent to the Lane Cove Council area. Residents with homes located on the Mowbray Public School side of Mowbray Road are Willoughby Council residents.  Willoughby Living is a closed Facebook group that covers the Willoughby City Council area and surrounding suburbs. The group provides detailed information on upcoming local events and includes posts that relates to family, community, home and lifestyle. Willoughby Living has launched their website and it looks great.  If you really want to know about the lower north shore then follow Willoughby LIving and In the Cove.



On one side of the Pacific Highway is Lane Cove and the other side is Artarmon.  Several Lane Cove residents have businesses located in Artarmon.  It’s good to know what’s happening in Artarmon as many Lane Cove residents frequent Bunnings and Home HQ Artarmon.  There are two Facebook groups you can like: Artarmon Community and Artarmon Village (which focuses on Hampton Road shops).

Crows Nest


I Love Crows Nest is a non-profit digital community noticeboard that is maintained by volunteer community editors.


Crows Nest Main Street has for over 20 years has been working with the Crows Nest Council to drive capital works projects from public space improvements such as al fresco dining bays and parking upgrades to assistance with proposals for specific developments.

Crows Nest Main Street is funded through a special commercial property levy collected by North Sydney Council. As well as having input into capital works projects we also deliver the annual Crows Nest Festival as a free community event.

North Sydney


The North Sydney Council has a Facebook and Website page dedicated to informing North Sydney residents about local events and businesses.


Given that the State Government is intent on merging Lane Cove Council with the Ryde City Council and Hunters Hill Council, you might need to know more about Ryde (who knows where the new mega council will be located?).

Love Ryde is a place to share fun & informative titbits with the local community of Ryde and the surrounding suburbs (North, West & East).  Love Ryde has a special connection with Lane Cove as the founder’s mother was a long term Lane Cove resident.


Ryde District Mums is a Facebook and website where local mums can find out about local events, meet other mums, ask questions and be inspired by the Ryde local community.



Cammeray has two Facebook pages you can visit for information on Cammeray.  Cammeray Gal was founded in 2013 and provides updates on local events and businesses.


I Love Cammeray is a community page for the local residents. On this page you will find the latest news and events happening in the area along with profiles of local businesses, offers and special occasions.  I Love Cammeray is funded by local real estate agent Justin Ferguson.



If you want to know more about Northbridge, there are two options – Chicks in the Hood and Northbridge 202.

Chicks in the Hood is similar to Willoughby Living and North Shore Mums in content.


Northbridge 202 is the voice of the Northbridge Progress Association and raises issues relating to local development, transport etc.

North Shore Mums


North Shore Mums is a closed Facebook group and website that covers all of the North Shore.  It is a terrific site for parents.  Many ITC fans are also NSM fans.

In addition to the sites listed above, there are also Residents’ Associations which provide residents with a forum for discussing local issues.  A residents’ association is a great way of meeting your immediate neighbours and being kept up to date on matters that impact your street.  You can find out more about Residents’ Associations (sometimes called local action groups or progress associations) here.

We have probably missed some groups and we would love to hear about any local groups that provide north shore and lower north shore local information and neighbourly support.

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