Plus Size Yoga in Lane Cove

ITC is a poster child for plus size women.  It can be quite daunting walking into an exercise class filled with women all looking great in their active wear.  There are also some exercises that larger woman struggle with and that can be embarrassing (so embarrassing I hide my face in my abundant cleavage). ITC wonders if you have been curious about starting Yoga, but didn’t feel comfortable, or weren’t sure you’d find a teacher who’d “get” it, or a class that would meet your needs and you could relax in.  Then Plus Size Yoga by Yogabowl is for you.

What is Plus Sized Yoga?

Plus Size Yoga is a new trend, it’s about self-acceptance of every BODY. It’s all about empowering people in a judgement free atmosphere with people who have all probably experienced the same social isolation when exercising.

Regardless of stereotypical media leanings, Yoga is a non-competitive practice designed to help every body feel wonderful, free and calm. 

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice and is do-able for real people like you – given the right teaching and support. The same way Pregnant women, seniors and those with back-pain benefit from specialised Yoga, Plus-Size Yoga will open your eyes and your body to all the amazing benefits of Yoga. And we’re not just talking physical benefits here.

What does the Plus Size Yoga Programme Offer?

Yogabowl has created a program that offers:

– a safe space of self-acceptance where every BODY is loved & welcomed;
– expertly sequenced Yoga for larger bodies;
– modifications and permission to make the practice work for you;
– stretching and strengthening your body in a way that feels accessible;
– move into a new level of self-awareness;
– filling the space on and around your mat with joy, pride, empathy and self-love; and
– down-time for YOU, away from the stresses of life. Relax. Restore. Recharge.

What Should I Bring?

If you have a Yoga mat, bring it along. If not – we’ve got plenty of mats. Just bring you.

What Should I Wear?

It’s about COMFORT, not looking a certain way. Wear leggings, trackie dacks, lounge pants, shorts or even your favourite PJ’s.  Perhaps your fav T-Shirt or singlet, or whatever you’ll be comfortable sitting & lying on the floor in. It seriously doesn’t matter. And we don’t wear shoes in class, so bare feet or socks are easy!

 You don’t need to change a thing – just show up as YOU


We’d love you to join us for Plus-Size Yoga at Yogabowl.    Yogabowl is located in a light filled studio overlooking Leafty Central Park and Longueville.

A view from the Lane Cove Tennis Club in Longueville


The Teacher is Maya Rees.  Maya is an accredited 295hour trainer yoga teacher, even though Yoga has been a part of her life for since 2010. 

“A chance encounter opened up the opportunity to take a class and instinctively I knew I had the answer to every question I never knew I had, about my body.”

Her classes bring together the training she’s received and her own personal experience.

Plus Size Yoga Term 1 details:

Date: Sunday, 20th January (9 Weeks Course)
Time: 9.15 am to 10.15 am
Venue: Yogabowl (upstairs) @ Lane Cove Tennis Club.

Or let Yogabowl if you require a part-term (pro-rata) registration

Contact Details


Yogabowl is located at the Lane Cove Tennis Club top end of  Kenneth St Longueville NSW 2066

Phone:  0411 155 165


Email:   [email protected]

Facebook:  Yogabowl

Founder:    Mitch Gibson


Yogabowl is a member of the ITC Business Directory

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