Lane Cove Author Publishes Book for Expecting Mums

Lane Cove resident and author Alisa Bryce has recently published ‘Hatch and Dispatch : Tales and Advice From a Midwife’. The book is co-authored with midwife and her mother Vicki Bryce, who has given birth to three babies and delivered over 3,000 more.


“I’ve been ignoring mum’s work stories for as long as I can remember”, says Alisa. “But when my friends and I reached our late 20s, I started listening. Mum has wonderful stories – funny, insightful and helpful. I wanted to capture them in a resource that would provide more than just biological advice for expecting mums. We wanted a book that would make expecting mums laugh and help them relax – even if only a little – about the journey ahead.

Hatch and Dispatch is a compilation of the advice Vicki gives to expecting mums almost every day, whether it be their first or fifth babies. She uses the stories from her career to show that every woman has the same concerns, the same questions, and makes essentially the same noise when pushing a baby out.


Read about the hallucinations some women experience when using nitrous, what happens to tattoos and piercings during pregnancy (clue: dolphins become whales, Bambi becomes a moose), and about the partner who wanted to attend ante-natal classes even though his baby was already born.

Hatch and Dispatch provides practical, comforting and humorous advice.

Vicki says, “I am a pragmatic woman – the advice in this book is sensible. It is honest. My job is interesting and fun so there are some great stories for you to read. I don’t try to scare or sway you, just show you that pregnancy is a part of many women’s lives and need not be the guilt-ridden ride it has become.”

Hatch and Dispatch is available for sale in the Burns Bay Bookery and via For the kindle readers the book is available on the kindle store

Here are what some readers are saying about the book:

Loved it! As a first time expectant mum I found Hatch and Dispatch to be an invaluable resource to understand the upcoming journey, from the weird pregnancy symptoms to what actually happens in labour. Hatch and Dispatch is a must read for the mums and partners that wants to be well informed and entertained!



If ‘Call the midwife’ and ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ had a baby, it would be this book