Lane Cove Council Parking Stations – Will They Ever Get It Right?

The Lane Cove Council opened the Little Street Car Park last year. It is hidden away and many people refuse to use the car park as it appears to be too far away from the shops. You can access the shops quite easily via the MLC Arcade but not everyone knows about it. This car park was a well-kept secret and people were happy to use the car park. However recently boomgate issues starting occurring at the Little Street Car Park.

little streeet car park 1

Here are some of the issues identified by Little Street Car Park users:

  • Boomgate Fails to Recognise Your Car if you do not approach the boomgate at a certain angle;
  • If you stay over three hours you must pay via the keypad on the intercom box at the exit. The keypad is small and the buttons are hard to see; and
  • If the carpark is full (as it was today when the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre hosted a zone swimming carnival) you actually do not know the car park is empty until you are in the carpark. There are no external parking full signs (of course, people will ignore these as the parking full signs at the Lane Cove Market Square are always wrong).

Why did the Lane Cove Council insist on using technology that has created major issues in the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park?  

To top this office Little Street Laneway is now called Pottery Green Lane and halfway down the street it has become one way.

ITC has heard that the same system will be introduced at the new Rosenthal Avenue Car Park – the only questions to ask is Why???????

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