Lane Cove Week in Review – 6 to 12 Mar 2017

Welcome to our Lane Cove Weekly Review for 6 to 12 March 2017.

This week we had new boomgate issues; a new schmick cafe opened; and ITC got a mention in Parliament!

Lane Cove Traffic Changes

Have your say on proposed traffic changes to the Lane Cove Village. You can do the survey online, or go to the briefing meeting on Wednesday 15 March – register your seat at the meeting HERE.

Today a Roving Reporter told ITC:

The Sutherland Street and Finlayson Street action groups at this morning’s meeting discussing the proposed road changes which will change the whole dynamic and the way these streets are used. Rip down trees or lose parking seem to be the only real options Council have provided in their discussion proposal. Local residents are far from decided which is the better option. What doesn’t seem to be on the table is to leave things as they are with Council appearing quite intent on bringing traffic through Cox’s Lane and Finlayson Street rather than past the Post Office – although that will be an option to drive that way too for now. Cox’s Lane may or may not be allowed to be changed to become a left and right turn onto Epping Road but this does seem to be something Council is pursuing with RMS and logically would seem fairly integral to the whole reasoning behind these changes. They are however suggesting that this is just a long term option. The amount of noticeably increased fumes and noise when Burns Bay Road is closed for the annual fair and traffic diverted through this route is quite significant. Many opinions were voiced but one point raised which did have people agreeing was that perhaps LCC should have maybe thought about the road infrastructure before approving so much high density living in the area. Whatever you feel about apartments, they are people’s homes now and they bought them in good faith and for the tree lined local village environment that we all love. Had they known the roads would become busy thoroughfares they might not have done so. If they still went ahead and bought, at least they would have known what they were buying into. The debate continues. Roving reporter


traffic study

Birdwood Cafe Opens

A hip new cafe has opened during the week on Birdwood Lane, just down from Story – Birdwood Cafe. It has been opened in conjunction with the Double Roasters crew from Marrickville. Initial reports are positive, and we all know Lane Covians are big coffee fans!

Our Hidden Gem has Lost its Sparkle

Turns out that fab newish 200 place car park on Little Street may not be as awesome as we first thought. You’ve been contacting us this week with news of some very annoying, and time wasting flaws… Read about them HERE.

little st car park

More Problems at Lane Cove Market Square Complex

If it is not someone complaining about the lifts, the state of the toilets, the overflowing rubbish, then it is the escalators.  A picture paints a 1000 words.


ITC’s Work Acknowledged

On International Women’s Day (8 March), ITC was named by Anthony Roberts as Lane Cove’s Woman of the Year! I am sure that Anthony’s office is sick of me and my emails and my bus campaign (after all I did make him ride the 251 very early) and traffic campaign to name a few. So I was very surprised to be nominated and attend a function where there were so many inspiring women. The event was hosted by the NSW Minister for Women Tanya Davies MP

ITC anthony roberts

Bridge Street Blackspot

Several more accidents at the Bridge Street/River Road West intersection this week, including one taking out a front fence; a learner driver; and another car that has probably been written off. Police and tow trucks have been in attendance.
A resident wants to know this – Lane Cove Council, RMS and Anthony Roberts – how many more does it take until we can fix this corner?
If you have had an accident, or a near miss on this corner, please email us, and we will add to our log, which a group of concerned local residents are preparing to present to Lane Cove Council, RMS and Anthony Roberts. If you have a good idea on how to fix this corner, also please let us know!
bridge street and river road

Lucky Lane Cove Family

A lucky escape for a family in Lane Cove on Tuesday night! They would like to thank the SES who came to help them out. This rain is really having an impact on the vegetation.

fallen tree

Dog of the Week

Meet Moose. Possibly the coolest dog ITC!

moose dog

A Message from The Diddy

the diddy

the diddy

Crime Report

An intruder tried to break into homes on Kimberley Avenue, Lane Cove on Saturday night (4 March) around Midnight. One of the home owners have the intruder on CCTV and have handed it over to the police. The intruder fled after the home owners woke up because their dog was barking. Remember to keep your windows and doors locked.  After we posted about this several other residents said they got a midnight visitor.  One resident work up to find the intruder standing over him.

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northwood wharf
Taken by @sophierenae_1

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