Food Allergies are Becoming More Prevalent

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Welcome back to ITC Guest Blogger Phil Wade, from Lane Cove Wellness Centre and Wades Chemist on Burns Bay Road. This time, Phil shares with us his concerns about the increasing instance of Food Allergies in our society.

Phillip Wade
Phillip Wade

I  recently attended a touching talk at a Lane Cove Rotary meeting from Rachel Hill, corporate Social Responsibility Officer and Willoughby councillor. She was speaking on behalf of the Victor Lee Legacy that was set up in response to the death of a close friend’s son from an anaphylactic reaction and asthma attack, triggered by a walnut allergy. Victor Lee was a star soccer striker and junior chess master. He died suddenly from an asthma attack triggered by walnut allergy.

Associate professor Alison Kakakios of Westmead Children’s Hospital asks the question: “Why do one in ten Australian children develop a food allergy as compared to 1 in 3 Asian immigrants? And why is there now evidence that this incidence is growing?”

We at Wades Compounding Chemist and Naturopath have recognised food allergy for a long time.  In our findings, it commences harmlessly enough with non-reactive allergies. That is, minor gut responses to particular foods that do not trigger symptoms but still produces inflammatory chemicals that register with the brain, literally dulling your senses to the overall effect. Initially, their immune systems “cope” with specific instances. The immune “challenge” escalates over time, eventually reaching a “tipping point” where a food will cause a major event.

In order to test if you or your child is in the early stages of this condition (or even the advanced stage), we perform a cheap and simple, in-house “Indicans” urine analysis that tells us the whole story.

Once we have found the status of your body’s preparedness for complete digestion or otherwise, we suggest our standard process to remedy the situation. While a standardised routine, it needs to be tailored to the individual child or adult. This is not a costly exercise and can be bulk billed to your Health Fund.

We implement the protocol and re-test at its completion. Meanwhile, we can point out the pitfalls that we are aware of, that need to be avoided to prevent a recurrence.

We urge you to have your child tested and help to prevent the growing incidence of medical events to food allergies.

Phillip D Wade, B. Pharm., ND. D Nut, DHM, DRM, MATMS.

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