Lane Cove Pedestrian Bridge Lifts Saga Continues

Lane Cove bus interchange 2
Last year ITC wrote an article on the Lane Cove Pedestrian Bridge Lifts at Longueville Road/Epping Road Bus Interchange and how they had not been working for four months or only working intermittently.
ITC regularly receives complaints about the lifts.  Commuters are constantly frustrated.  They will take the lift up, cross the bridge only to find the lift on the other side is not working and they cannot get down (or visa versa).
An inoperable lift is a problem for the elderly, people with disabilities or parents with prams. If the lift is not working, you must cross four different intersections to access the bus interchange to the city or Lane Cove North (see below).  The pedestrian crossing on Longueville Road is incredibly dangerous.   Last year we published an article with video extracts of cars continuing to go through the intersection at the same time pedestrians are cleared to cross.  You can see those videos here.

lane cove interchange map

On  Wednesday 19 April 2017 Fire and Rescue NSW responded to a call concerning a fire in a Longueville Rd pedestrian lift’s electrical component panel. Three units attended.

fire in lift

ITC contacted OTIS to find out the extent of the damage to the lift.  An OTIS spokesperson advised that the damage to the electrical component panel was extensive and that the lift would be out of action for the foreseeable future.

ITC understands that OTIS and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services met onsite today to discuss the lift and a plan of action.  We were advised by a NSW Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson:

Roads and Maritime Services is aware the lift at the road bridge on Longueville/Epping Road is out of action. There are signs on both sides of the road on the approach to the bridge to alert pedestrians. Work to scope the extent of the substantial damage to the drive unit, believed to be have been caused by an electrical fault, is expected to be completed in coming days. Once the scope of work is known, repairs can be scheduled and parts ordered.  Lane Cove Council is being kept updated.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service has the ultimate responsibility for the lift maintenance. However given how important this lift is to Lane Cove commuters we contacted the Lane Cove Council last year to ask what steps they take to ensure the lift is working.

The Lane Cove Council advised as follows:

“The elevators operating in conjunction with the walkway over Longueville Road are owned and maintained by the RMS. Lane Cove Council is aware of the ongoing issues with one or both elevators requiring repair and the delays experienced in this process. The Council has, since the installation of the lifts, been concerned about their unreliability. The lift outages cause enormous difficulties for the aged and for people with disability who want to be able to access the bus interchange This matter has been raised by Council with the RMS on a regular basis and their response is that measures are in place including weekly inspections to ensure cleanliness and general operational functionality. Council refers callers to the RMS on 131700 if they call to report that the lifts are out of operation so that they are aware of the frequency and inconvenience of this unreliable service.”

Who Should You Call About the Lift?

If you experience a problem with this lift, ITC recommends calling the following numbers:

OTIS 1800 626 847
RMS 131 700
When calling please quote Lift Number F8387

Action is more likely to occur if OTIS receives numerous calls from Lane Cove Residents.

Have you experienced a problem with this lift?  Have you reported the issue to the RMS or OTIS?  What was their response?

Lane cove lift council side

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