15 Tips to Make Travelling Easier These Holidays

ITC has put together an amazing team of local experts to help make your life in Lane Cove just that bit easier. We have travel guru Adrienne Witteman from Trendsetter Travel and Cruises on board as our travel expert.  At this time of year many people are getting ready for an overseas trip trying to escape our winter (and taking advantage of the July School Holidays).

We asked Adrienne for her top tips on how to travel with ease:

Even though I travel a lot, I am still learning and have yet to reach perfection. A bit like the Buddhist objective I guess! But there are some things you can do to make life easier when you are planning that all important trip.

  1. Do always put your passport in the same safe place when you come back from a trip – no “I’ll put it away later” and it risks being caught up with all that paraphernalia you brought back.
  2. Do check the validity of your passport well ahead of departure to ensure the 6 months validity from your date of return. [ITC comment if you do need a passport you can get photos at Lovely Photos and Greenwich Post Office is very quick with passport applications.]
  3. Do you need a visa or vaccinations? Most likely not but do ask well in advance.  [ITC comment – if you do need a vaccination – Burns Bay Medical Practice specialise in OS vaccinations – you can read more here.]
  4. Do have a copy of your (and your family members’ passports) scanned and saved – and easily retrievable with other stuff such as credit card numbers, birth certificates, frequent flyer numbers etc. You will be surprised as to how useful this might be.  If you lose your passport or it is stolen, information on what to do can be found here.15326386_1145079055587577_4987037129508030469_n
  5. Keep stored in your suitcase a permanent list of all the things you must take with you, even the banal items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. This will prove invaluable when you come to pack as you can simply check them off.
  6. More important than locking your suitcase is to secure your luggage with a luggage strap, preferably one that has your name. This will stop others lifting your suitcase from the carousel – or you theirs. Believe me, you don’t know how useful this is until it happens to you.
  7. Scan a copy of all your documents – tickets/itinerary/vouchers/need to know stuff etc. before you go in date order so that you can easily retrieve. Similarly, do make sure you have printouts as these are so much more reliable when the internet fails.  Make sure you register Smartraveller.gov.au 

    15 tips to make travelling easier

  8. Pre-book your seating, even if it costs you extra money (alas all too common these days). Others do and so should you. Ditto meals and entertainment on low-cost carriers such as Jetstar.
  9. Take something warm for cool places – even if you are going to a warm climate e.g. chilly airplanes, restaurants and hotels
  10. Do make some time to do some research as to local customs where you are going (do you need a pashmina that might serve as a headscarf?), reliable restaurants to ensure at least one highlight meal and your style of touring – small group or large, iconic experience or off the beaten track.
  11. Make sure you have insurance and know what you are covered for. Remember, if you can’t afford insurance you shouldn’t go!
  12. Don’t fill in the gaps down to the last minute – leave some room for surprises, spur of the moment decisions to discover something interesting that is not in the guide books.
  13. Savor the moment. By all means, take photos but really look at what you are photographing so that the image is indelibly printed in your mind.
  14. Having the best holiday of your life? Prolong the sensation by booking on board for another (cruise), noting what is making it special (remember to tell your agent so s/he can include similar next time) and actively planning to repeat the experience elsewhere. No “let’s do this again next year?” but “let’s consult our diaries and lock in next year”. Be decisive!
  15. Finally, go away positive. You’re so lucky to have a holiday to enjoy so make the most of it.


Adrienne Witteman from Trendsetter Travel & Cruise Centre

Adrienne trendsetter

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