Lane Cove Gets Foxy!!!

In the Cove regularly receives Fox sightings reports. Some residents are a bit surprised to see foxes in Lane Cove. Over the last couple of years, we have been advised of Fox sightings at Blackman Park, Gamma Road, Dorritt Street, Banksia Close and even Longueville Road.

Foxes are considered a pest and the Lane Cove Council has joined with other Northern Sydney Councils to put in place a Fox Control Programme. In fact, foxes are one of the most invasive species in Australia. Foxes are considered a threat to nearly 80 kinds of native animals (such as mammals, birds, reptiles and tortoise).  Unfortunately, foxes are extremely difficult to trap – they are very very cunning.

Do we want foxes in suburbia? This is a vexed question. Foxes play a role in keeping the feral cats numbers in check. Feral Cats have also been responsible for the decline in native animal numbers.


How can you help with Fox Control Reduction?

If you see a fox:

  • Contact the Lane Cove Council on 9911 3555;
  • Do not leave pet food outside;
  • Clear fallen fruit from trees;
  • Secure your compost bin;
  • You can record fox sightings on Foxscan. FoxScan is a community website that allows you to record and map sightings of foxes, fox damage in your local area; or
  • Download the FeralScan app on either iTunes or Android and record sightings of foxes or other feral animals in Lane Cove.

What is the Lane Cove Council doing to Reduce Fox Numbers?

The Lane Cove Council has a fox baiting programme. You will see the notifications and advertisements from time to time informing you when a fox baiting programme will be undertaken.

According to the Lane Cove Council website:

An additional aim of the regional fox control program is to raise public awareness and educate people about the impacts of foxes and the need for feral animal control in urban areas. Agencies are now reporting success through formal fox activity monitoring and native fauna surveys and also anecdotal evidence from the community. Community feedback and media indicate that a majority of the community support fox control and the resultant benefits to native animals.

Over to you, have you seen any foxes lately? If so where? If you have chickens, have you had an unwelcome visit from a fox?

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