Finally, a Gutter Guard that Really Protects your Home!

gutter guard

ITC are always on the look out for clever businesses who help make Lane Cove an even better place to live. We recently met Jamie from Smart Gutter Solutions, and asked him to tell us about what makes his business invaluable to home owners in our leafy ‘burb.

Are you one of these people that are forever sweeping gum leaves off your driveway? Or perhaps you are someone who fills up their green bin weekly, with the gum leaves that have fallen onto your front lawn! If you are, you know it is very hard to keep on top of this never ending issue.

Now if you do have a tree nearby, and you do notice how much debris can fall from the tree each day, imagine what is happening on your roof! The same amount of leaves are falling onto that as well, but where do the leaves go? That’s right, YOUR GUTTER!

gutter guard

A home owners guttering system is a very important part of their home that often gets overlooked.

Your gutters sole purpose is to direct water from your roof, away from your home. Not keeping your gutters or valleys clear of debris with regular maintenance can result in significant damage to your home, every time it rains.

gutter guard
gutter guard

We here at Smart Gutter Solutions know that a top quality gutter guard can help eliminate these problems and more. The problem is these days there are so many gutter guards on the market that the decision is so hard to choose one that will work for you, and why.

We’ve seen a lot of different gutter guard products, and different gutter guard systems not meeting the demands of the harsh Australian elements. Some let in too many leaves causing the gutters to block up, others trapping the leaves and creating problems to other areas your roof, or simply the product breaking down and deteriorating in the sun.

With our 20 years combined experience in the gutter guard industry we have chosen to use a system that ticks all the boxes and leaves other systems in its dust.

The “Ski Slope” Effect

Our “Ski Slope” system extends from the roof line to the outer edge of the gutter, the mesh screen supports the leaf debris which is then blown onto the ground.  Such a simple yet effective system.

This proven method has been used successfully for over 25 years and won an Australian design award.

We have made sure we source only top quality products that last out there warranties, and Australian made components.

With a long list of satisfied clients and a strong reputation, Smart Gutter Solutions can take care of it.

We have a number of different products to suit everyone’s unique situation, weather you live in a bush fire zone, have jacaranda trees with tiny leaf litter, or maybe you’re into water harvesting.

Give us a call today and one of our experienced team will visit to talk about your needs, asses your situation and point you in the right direction with one of our top quality products.

gutter guard

Whilst paying a great deal of attention to your project, we will ensure your job is completed within the agreed timeframe, to the highest possible standards and at the most competitive rates around.

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Smart Gutter Solutions
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Email: [email protected]
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