Marriage Equality Debate Sparks Controversy in Lane Cove

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Lane Cove prides itself on being an inclusive community.  However certain recent actions cast doubt on just how inclusive we are.

The Lane Cove Theatre Company’s play Holding the Man opens in Lane Cove this Friday night but it’s not all good news…The cast and crew are excited to present one of the most poignant Australian love stories written but amid the excitement of Holding the Man opening night, controversy surrounds Lane Cove Theatre Company’s new show.

Last week posters were torn down from the locations the company has advertised its shows for more than 20 years.  Obviously, some people were not pleased that a same sex relationship is being promoted. A similar act of protest occurred when Yarn Bomber Cee Egan‘s Love is Love Yarn Bomb was taken down a day after it was installed in Lane Cove.  One same sex couple told ITC that on two occasions they have had homophobic remarks shouted at them in Lane Cove.  They also told ITC that, a few months ago they got pushed and had a homophobic remark shouted in their face by a man in Chatswood. 

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Lane Cove Theatre Company’s president Lochie Beh said:

“Every citizen of the Lane Cove and surrounding communities should be able to voice their opinion and have it respected, regardless of whether you agree with it or not. In a week when the marriage equality debate continues across the country, the voice of the LGBTQI community continues to grow. Members from all parts of our community join with us to speak. Our voice speaks of acceptance, inclusion and equality. They are values all of us at Lane Cove Theatre Company stand by and will continue to fight for. Our posters may be torn down but our collective voice will continue. We will band together and speak.  Love is love. Holding the Man is a beautiful, Australian love story yet the company’s performances have been shrouded in push back from an underhanded minority in the local Lane Cove community.

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Show you support by going to see Holding the Man.

HOLDING THE MAN by Tommy Murphy, Adapted from the novel by Timothy Conigrave

11-26 August – The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s, 1 Christina Street, Longueville

  • Fri 11th August 7.30pm
  • Sat 12th August 7.30pm
  • Sun 13th August 2pm
  • Fri 18th August 7.30pm  
  • Sat 19th August 7.30pm
  • Fri 25th August 7.30pm  
  • Sat 26th August 7.30pm                                                

Tickets: $27 adult / $22 concession



The same sex marriage debate is dragging on and now we will  have a postal plebscite.  Ask anyone about postal votes and they will tell you that they always favour the conservatives.  The youth vote will not be heard as many of them have not posted a letter or received a letter or even check their letterbox.

The Lane Cove Theatre Company would also like your support to lobby the Lane Cove Council for a performance space for Lane Cove artists.  They do not have a permanent home and each night they have to pack up the stage and props.  There are many dance schools in Lane Cove, imagine being able to watch your child’s dance concert in Lane Cove.  It could also be a place to hold local fundraising nights by showing films and having guest speakers.  Think about this when you vote at the Lane Cove Elections on 9 September 2017 (voting is compulsory).

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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