Does Lane Cove Need a Commuter Bus?

You are probably all aware that the Rosenthal Avenue Development starts in under 5 weeks.

During Stage 1, there will still be limited parking in Rosenthal Avenue.  The Lane Cove Council has indicated the following timetable.

  • Stage 1 (12 September –December 2017) – The Northern end of the existing car park bounded by Birdwood and Rosenthal Avenues and Birdwood Lane will be retained providing 65 car parking spaces. Construction hoarding will be erected to the southern half of the site fronting Birdwood and Rosenthal Lanes and Rosenthal Avenue. On-street parking on the eastern side of Rosenthal Avenue will be unavailable.
  • Stage 2 (By early 2018) – ADCO will take possession of the full site. No parking will be available in Rosenthal Avenue Car Park. Construction hoarding will be modified to surround the entire site, allowing the team to complete excavation works and begin structure.
  • Stage 3 – Structural works will commence. A temporary car park located on the southern area of the site will be available to the public.
  • Stage 4 – Basement 3 Car Park Level will be finished, allowing the public to utilise this space.

During construction car parking is available in Lane Cove Market Square and the Little Street Carpark.

During community consultation sessions for the project the idea of a commuter bus (a bus between residence and the Lane Cove Plaza) was suggested. However, according to the Lane Cove Council, there was not sufficient community support for this idea.

This seems at odds with the views expressed on In the Cove’s Facebook page.  People are asking for a commuter bus.  Many cite the successful Artarmon Loop bus as a precedent.

Photo Credit: Willoughby City Counci
Photo Credit: Willoughby City Council

The Artarmon Loop is a free shuttle service travelling on a loop from St Leonards Station through the Artarmon industrial area. The service aims to encourage the use of public transport and reduce car usage across the City of Willoughby while also enhancing the viability of the Artarmon business precinct.

Jump on the bus at any of the Artarmon Loop bus stops located along the route.

The Artarmon Loop runs at 7-15 minute intervals during peak times (6am-10am and 3pm-7pm) and every 30 minutes during off peak periods (10am-3pm) Monday to Friday. In off peak periods the route extends to include Artarmon Station, Artarmon shops and the Royal North Shore Hospital (Route B), stopping at these locations every 30 minutes.

Bicycles can be carried on bike racks at the rear of the bus.

There is also the Mosman Rider.  The Mosman Rider can be hailed anywhere where it is safe to stop or at a designated Bus Stop.

Photo Credit: Mosman Rider
Photo Credit: Mosman Rider

As ITC was writing this blog, the NSW Minister for Transport announced the use of on demand commuter buses.  A trial will be started soon where local buses take commuters to their nearest train station.  Lane Cove is not part of the trial.  However, it shows that commuter buses are a necessary part of the public transport matrix.  In fact the McKell Institute published a report last year about using community buses more effectively.  The report recommended:

The NSW Government should explore the option of contracting smaller community shuttle buses to enhance local intra-suburban public connectivity.

Local bus routes play an important role in meeting community needs, not only in connecting the broader transport system, but also providing safe and reliable transportation to local centres such as libraries, medical centres, shopping centres and hospitals. The operation of courtesy buses to and from local community centres not only meets the needs of the community, but would be of particular benefit for older people and people living with disabilities.

So what is your view answer our survey and tell us if you would use a local commuter bus for shopping.  You can answer our survey here.


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