Lane Cove Council Moves to Fix River Road West BottleNeck

In the Cove has received numerous complaints from residents and drivers about the bottleneck on River Road West in the mornings.  Vehicles are allowed to park in the kerbside lane on River Road West between Austin Street and Longueville Road.  This creates a bottleneck and sometimes accidents (one such accident being a bus hitting the parked cars).

It makes it very difficult for people to exit Austin Street and also in effect make River Road a one lane major arterial road.

The Lane Cove Council Traffic Advisory Committee reviewed this issue and recommended the following steps:

The eastbound traffic on River Road West, between Austin Street and Longueville Road, becomes congested during the morning peak hours due to the parked vehicles on the kerbside lane. The current parking arrangement not only creates an inconvenience to the eastbound motorists, but pedestrian safety is also compromised.

In order to make this section safe, Council has undertaken community consultation with 22 affected residents on River Road West, between Austin Street and Longueville Road, with the proposal of installing ‘No Parking’ zones between 6:30am-9:30am; Mon-Fri. Of the eight (8) responses that Council has received, seven (7) were in favour of the proposal. One resident of Lane Cove for 92 years stated that he ‘strongly supported the proposal’. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and motorists along River Road West, Council is proposing the installation of ‘No Parking’ zones.
‘No Parking’ zones between 6:30am-9:30am; Mon-Fri, measuring a total length of 130m.  Statutory 10m ‘No Stopping’ zones are to be installed on the eastern side of Austin Street and northern side of River Road West at the River Road West and Austin Street intersection.


This proposal will be presented to the Lane Cove Council on Monday Night for ratification.

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