Lane Cove Week in Review – 14 to 20 August 2017

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Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review for 14 to 20 August 2017.

Wild Weather

It was certainly a very windy Friday with trees coming down around Lane Cove.


Meet the Candidates

meet the candidates

Lane Cove Council Elections will be held on 9 September 2017. Voting is compulsory. Meet the Candidates and ask them about the issues that impact you. Local Government is important as they provide so many services that impact our day to day lives. Don’t be part of the silent majority – come along and meet the people who will be representing you. You can book at If you cannot come please leave your questions below or email us at [email protected]. We do hope you come along.  Voice you views on the things that impact you on a day to day basis.

Rosenthal Avenue

In less than 4 weeks time, part of the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park will be closed.  Do you think we need a commuter bus to assist people to and from Lane Cove Village?  Complete our survey and tell us your thoughts.

Lane Cove Market Square Roller Door

The Roller Door has been creating issues.  The Roller Door has closed twice during shopping hours.  The good news is that the Lane Cove Council was showing Woolworths employees how to override the boomgate system when it is stuck.


Council Matters

Ranger Activity

An ITC reader reported that the Lane Cove rangers have been ruthless with booking people overstaying the 30-minute time limit on Longueville Road.  Lane Cove Council has just employed a 7th Ranger and they will now have one ranger stationed permanently in the Lane Cove Village.


Chickens and Ducks

At Monday Night’s Lane Cove Council meeting council will be voting on the following proposal:

  1. prohibiting the keeping of ducks; and
  2. reducing the number of permitted backyard chickens from 14 to 5.

If you do not agree with this change, please email your Lane Cove Councillor by Monday COB to address your concern, or turn up to the Meeting at 7.00pm Monday 21st of August at the Council Chambers in Lane Cove.

Crime and Incident Report

Incidents Reported to ITC

Car Thefts

An ITC follower reported they had a break in at their house at Riverview this week and both their cars and some valuables were stolen. One car was found, after it had been parked by the robbers, in a Lane Cove Street.  They are hoping the other car may have also have been left somewhere close by. If anyone spots a White Range Rover Sport with Orange rims at the front – rego RAD22Z  please kindly report to the police or PM ITC.

Just a reminder to keep all door and windows locked and to not keep your keys where they can easily be found – this is the way cars are being stolen


A 90-year-old Lane Cove resident had her credit cards/etc stolen. She was then scammed out of $12,000. The thieves called her and got her personal details by pretending to be a bank manager saying it was all okay. They then used different ATMs over the weekend to withdraw money. Never give out your personal details when people call you.

Stranger Danger

The following message was sent to Lane Cove West Public School parents this week.

We have had a report of ‘strangers’ approaching a student on the way to school. This has been reported to the local police. Please try to make arrangements for children to walk to and from school with a buddy and if you see anything suspicious please call 000 immediately.
Below are weblinks to the Daniel Morcombe foundation where there are various resources to support education in child safety through the process of ‘recognise, react and report’. The resources include two free safety apps ‘Help me’ and ‘Amego’
‘Help me’ app
Student resources

From the North Shore LAC Facebook Page

Around 3:30am on Wednesday 16th August two male offenders have gained entry to a property on Arabella Street Longueville. The offenders entered the property via a closed but unlocked side door.
The offenders were captured on CCTV making their way through several rooms of the house while the home owners, were asleep in the master bedroom.
The offenders made off with a satchel bag containing a wallet and car keys and a handbag with purse and other personal items as well as the victims 2014 White Mercedes CLA45 Coupe.
Police are appealing for anyone that may have noticed any suspicious activity at the stated location during the given times and date to please contact Chatswood Police on 9414 8499.


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