Lane Cove Week in Review – 11 to 17 September 2017

Rosenthal Project Day 1
Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review for 11 to 17 September 2017.

Lane Cove Council Election Results

The Lane Cove Council Election results have been finalised.  There was a big swing against the Liberals.  There are now only 3 Liberal Councillors and it looks like there will be a new Mayor.  The hot tip for Lane Cove Mayor is Pam Palmer.

Central Ward

1 HUTCHENS Deborah (Liberal)
2 BRENT Karola (Independent)
3 MORRIS Katherine* (Independent)

East Ward

1 PALMER Pam (Independent)
2 BROOKS-HORN David (Liberal)
3 VISSEL Frances* (Independent)

West Ward

1 BENNISON Scott (Liberal)
2 STRASSBERG Daniel (Independent)
3 ZBIK Andrew* (ALP)

* New councillor

Trolley Update

ITC was contacted by several Facebook followers who were concerned about the number of trolleys that are left around Lane Cove. It is interesting to see that the number of abandoned trolleys has increased since Coles stopped their home deliveries. ITC contacted the Lane Cove Council who advised:

“Coles management have been contacted and advised of the current unacceptable situation. Given the current response level our Rangers have started impounding trolleys left unattended in the main shopping area and issuing on the spot fines for littering. We are following up with the corporate office to try to get a better outcome.

10 trolleys have been impounded to date.”


Rosenthal Project Commences

This week the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park was reduced to 65 free 2 hr car parking spaces. There is still plenty of parking in Lane Cove including the 200 parking spaces in the Little Street Car Park.


River Road West/Longueville Road/Northwood Road Intersection

This week there were another two accidents at the intersection on Longueville Road and River Road West near the Longueville Sporting Club. Two crashes in two days. Some Facebook Followers reported seeing more than two accident at this intersection this week.  ITC has written to the Council and the RMS about this intersection and no action has been taken.  After following up again with the Lane Cove Council, ITC was advised

RMS has inspected the intersection at River Rd and Longueville Rd, Northwood and plan to install another separate green light left filter to the right of the existing light poles.  RMS are in the midst of trying to obtain funding to do this so the time frame cannot be given.

PLEASE COULD EVERYONE CONTACT THE RMS AND file a complaint about this intersection

river road west

Crime Report

Mail Theft has again been reported in Lane Cove.  A roving reporter found some mail on Landers Road opened and there were bank statements etc for different people. Another roving reporter saw all 34 letterboxes opened at their Epping Road block. Mail box theft appears to happen more at apartments. Make sure you have a good mail lock system and some CCTV. Speak to local locksmiths Alert Locks & Security Lane Cove

266 Longueville Road – Aged Care Facility

A Development Application has been lodged for a 7 storey Aged Care Facility at 266 Longueville Road.  The proposed development will involve the demolition of the former lawn bowls facility and associated carparking area.  There will be 90 independent living units (ILU’s) and 70 residential aged care beds are also proposed within the new building. There will be up to  35 staff on-site during shift change. A number of ancillary facilities are proposed for the use of residents, including a number.  There will be 137 off street car parks and an ambulance bay.

There has long been opposition to this plan by neighbours as the development will take away green space. In 2013 more than two dozen neighbours, parents, children and a doctor spoke at Lane Cove Council meeting to save the green space.  Despite this opposition, Lane Cove Council rezoned the land to enable construction of a Senior Living Facility.

An Information evening has been planned for  Wednesday 20th September 6.00pm, venue to be notified.
You can register for this evening either by email [email protected] or call Angela Panich 9911-3611.

There is still strong opposition to the development and you can find out why people are opposed to this development here.


Lane Cove Summer 7s

Last year the summer 7’s series was a huge success.  Families really embraced the concept with Dad, Mum, and the kids all playing.   All the games are played on a Friday Night at Blackman Park.  The season kicks off on Friday, October 13th.  So have some fun on a Friday night with the whole family.  You can register here.

Tennis Scholarship

Lane Cove Tennis Club is offering up to 8 young tennis players financial assistance for 2018 as part of the Jack Frazer Memorial Scholarship. Each scholarship is up to $2,500 per player.

The Scholarships are open to players aged 10 to 18 years who are currently playing or have realistic ambitions to play at an elite level locally, nationally or internationally. Players will be: hardworking, sportsperson-like, still at school and committed to continuing education, team oriented and willing to train at and represent Lane Cove Tennis Club. And they must be committed to improving their tennis rating/ranking.

The financial support will cover such expenses as: tournament fees, coaching fees, travel and accommodation associated with tournament play, fitness training, equipment and clothing. The Scholarship Advisory Committee appointed by the Club will determine the expenses to be covered by the Scholarship funds in consultation with the parent(s) of the Scholarship holder.

Apply Here:


School Holiday Activities

Term 3 is nearly finished (how does it go so fast?). Time to start planning some activities for the kids. Check out our guide HERE.
 Spring 2017 Lane Cove School Holiday Activities

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