Does there need to be a Fatality Before Action will be taken on Lane Cove’s Most Dangerous Intersection?

For over 18 months, In the Cove and Lane Cove residents have been asking both the RMS and the Lane Cove Council to take action to make the intersection at River Road West/Northwood Road and Longueville Road Lane Cove safer.

Every week there are accidents at this intersection.  In the Cove roving reporters advised us of 2 accidents last week but other ITC Facebook Followers said there were at least 5 accidents.  One Facebook Fan, that lives near this intersection, commented:

I live on this corner. Screaming tyres from near misses happen multiple times daily. Small accidents that don’t get reported happen weekly. Major head-on crashes happen too regularly. Pedestrians have been hit crossing the road at the lights. People see the green left turn arrow and drive ahead into Longueville Road despite the red ‘straight’ arrow. The whole intersection needs a major redesign.

But despite this… Major developments are going ahead for nursing homes and retirement living at the old bowling Green (266 Longueville) and the Northwood shops.

No consideration is being given to traffic and parking issues.

Get involved – submissions against the DA for 266 Longueville Road close 29th Sept. Please make a submission against this development today.

We asked In the Cove followers to contact the RMS and ask for some action on this road.  This was their response.


Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 5.07.10 PM

According to the RMS River Road West/Northwood Road is a regional road.  The RMS policy on roads states;

To manage the extensive network of roads for which council is responsible under the Roads Act 1993, RMS in partnership with local government established an administrative framework of State, Regional, and Local Road categories. State Roads are managed and financed by RMS and Regional and Local Roads are managed and financed by councils. Regional Roads perform an intermediate function between the main arterial network of State Roads and council controlled Local Roads. Due to their network significance RMS provides financial assistance to councils for the management of their Regional Roads. The Regional Road category comprises two subcategories: those Regional Roads that are classified pursuant to the Roads Act 1993, and those Regional Roads that are unclassified. For completeness, the Schedule includes unclassified Regional Roads.

The letter below was sent by the Lane Cove Council to Duncan Gay on 27 September 2016.  The question needs to be asked is Lane Cove Council doing enough to follow up on this request?  Has Trent Zimmerman or Anthony Roberts done enough to follow up on this request?


61104 16 Letter to Minister - Kenneth Street River Road

ITC again asked the Lane Cove Council for an update on this intersection and was advised:

RMS has inspected the intersection at River Rd and Longueville Rd, Northwood and plan to install another separate green light left filter to the right of the existing light poles.  RMS are in the midst of trying to obtain funding to do this so the time frame cannot be given.

Lane Cove Council will meet on 25th September 2017 to elect a new Mayor.  ITC will continue to request action on this intersection.


The RMS are now saying that they will try and find some funding this financial year

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.27.10 PM

Thank you to all those ITC followers who contacted the RMS about this intersection.


Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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