1 Million Reasons To Start Chatting About Lane Cove

    Thank you, Lane Cove.  ITC cannot say enough how grateful we are for your support of a little page that started nearly 5 years ago with a post about coffee.  Since that time ITC has become so much more than ever imagined.

    In June, we racked up 1 Million views in total on our website www.inthecove.com.au.  When you put that in the context of our focus being only the Lane Cove Council Area (which has a population of just over 36 000 people) this is a statistic that we are proud to announce.

    For a while, ITC followers have been asking for a few new features on our Facebook Page and website.  We’re so happy to oblige and we will be rolling them out over before your very eyes.   The first addition to the “ITC family” is our Closed Facebook Group called ITC Lane Cove Chat.  A Closed Facebook Group in “Facebook Talk” is a group where like-minded people can have a conversation about a topic they enjoy – in this case, Lane Cove.

    The whole purpose of ITC Lane Cove Chat is for our followers to set the agenda and ask questions or make comments about Lane Cove.  It’s all about having a neighbourly conversation.  This is where you can seek recommendations, ask advice on a particular Lane Cove issue that impacts you or just tell people why living in Lane Cove is fab!!!

    Some people love closed groups, others are not so keen.  Some people just want to see “news and features” about Lane Cove.  If that’s you, then just keep following In the Cove Facebook page and you will see all Lane Cove news and info.

    If you’re not a big fan of Facebook then you have the following options to keep up to date on all things Lane Cove:

    • Go to our website and browse for information. Hit the search bar and look for a particular article.
    • Join us on Instagram – where possible we always post different content on instagram to our Facebook Page. So, you are not doubling up if you join Instagram and Facebook;
    • If you don’t have time for social media, then join our newsletter. Our newsletter goes out every Wednesday night at 7.30 pm (on the dot).  It has all the articles published in the week before and all the events coming up in Lane Cove.
    • If you love Pinterest, then go to our Pinterest page and browse past articles.
    • If you like updates about current events follow us on Twitter – we post on Twitter traffic jams, power outages etc.
    • If you’re a Sally Field Fan and “you love us really love us” then you can subscribe to our exclusive ITC Subscriber Plan. You receive a gift on joining (T-Shirt or Tea Towel) and you are invited to member-only events like morning teas, trivia nights, opening night events etc etc.  The cost is $50 and this funds our community work.  Each day ITC spends between 3 to 4 hours on community issues and providing information to our community.  Much of this is done behind the scene where we talk to people directly on Messenger.  We provide quick info on many topics from where can I get my passport photo taken (other than the Post Office) to I need help on a Lane Cove Council matter.

    ITC has made the decision to ensure that not for profits (with no commercial income), local charities and sporting groups can advertise on ITC free of charge and list all their events on our events calendar.

    ITC believes in local jobs for local people and it is free to list jobs on our jobs board.

    Our very first post in 2012

    Let us know what else you want to see on In the Cove – email us here.  In July, we will be introducing our Friendly Neighbour Awards.  If you nominate someone that has helped you in a neighbourly way, you and the person selected as our Friendly Neighbour of the Month will win a lunch/dinner in Lane Cove with their neighbour.

    In the Cove proudly creates its own content or seeks content from local experts or local businesses.  All our articles have a Lane Cove focus or they relate to a Lane Cove business or resident.  If we think there is an activity that is close to Lane Cove and would interest Lane Cove residents we will let you know. You will not see content generated by ITC on other websites (unless it is a link in an article).  Our content is Lane Cove specific.

    We hope you join the new ITC Lane Cove Chat and invite all your friends. Tell us what else would you like ITC to do.  How can we help Lane Cove be the best suburb in Sydney if not the WORLD?

    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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