Are You Ready For the F45 Artarmon 8 Week Challenge?

You may have noticed that one of the big trends in Fitness is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Lane Cove local residents Marcela and Cameron Stow-Smith own F45 Artarmon (which is actually located on the Pacific Highway at Lane Cove North).  ITC asked Marcela and Cameron to tell us about their F45 studio and why they like living in Lane Cove (aka the world’s greatest suburb).

What is F45?

F45 is a unique style of training, combining elements of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training (hence the “F” in F45). F45 Artarmon currently has 27 different workouts, some of which are cardio, some resistance, some a mix of both, but all super addictive!

Tell us About Your 8 Week Challenge

The F45 Training 8 Week Challenge is the revolutionary system helping people across the globe transform their lives, inside and out! By joining the Challenge, you will receive 8 weeks of F45 Training at our Artarmon studio, a simple to follow meal plan developed by F45’s nutritionists, online access to health and wellness knowledge, a daily 45 point plan for success and more. Participants in previous Challenges have seen phenomenal results, with many losing 10kgs of body fat in just 8 weeks! The next Challenge starts 16th July, this is a great opportunity to get rid  of the winter blues.

The Challenge is exciting.  Find out why January’s Challenge Winners Sarah and Nathan (who are husband and wife) enjoyed the challenge.

Why Did You Enter The Challenge?

Sarah: I entered the challenge not necessarily to lose weight but to see what could be achieved if I stuck to the 8 week plan. I was interested to see how making changes to my food and cutting out alcohol would improve my fitness and overall health. I welcomed the idea of fat loss but was it was not my main goal.

Nathan: I entered and committed to the challenge because I wanted to make a change to my lifestyle and improve my health and wellbeing. I’m 32 years old and I didn’t want to see myself settling and accepting that it’s ok to be an overweight, middle-aged guy. I was also highly motivated and inspired by the results of the previous challenge winner. He made the impossible, possible.

What Challenges Did You Face?

Sarah: I did find social activities the hardest in the beginning.  There were a couple of events which included dinners, sugary foods and alcohol. The temptation was hard as well as the reaction from others when I would say no to a drink. It made me feel like I was being boring. Over the 8 weeks people got used to my challenge and embraced it. I feel I have a stronger mind for the experience!

Nathan: The hardest part was managing my food intake and readjusting my thought process to what I needed to eat, when I needed to eat and how much I ate. I found that I ate out of boredom previously and that I had a constant reminder telling me to eat when I knew I didn’t actually need to eat, I was simply bored.

What Was The Easiest Part About the Challenge?

Sarah: The easiest part was the exercise. I love the F45 Artarmon studio and always look forward to training there each day. It’s a really nice community and I’ve made a lot of friends there. The owners and the trainers are so supportive and they really know their stuff! I also train with my husband and we set all of our classes on a Sunday for the week ahead and treat the classes like appointments that can’t be missed or cancelled. I find this keeps me accountable, something you don’t get from regular gyms.

Nathan: As I am a regular trainer at F45 Artarmon, I found committing to my training regime easy and manageable. I am a creature of habit and training regularly is a habit for me. It has been built into my daily routine.

What Changes Did You Make To Your Routine?

Sarah and Nathan: Training in the mornings would definitely be the biggest change to my routine. I would never in a million years ever consider myself a morning person (before 6am). Now it’s no problem waking before the sun rises. I have so much energy for the rest of the day.

Would You Recommend the 8 Week Challenge?

Sarah: I would recommend the F45 Challenge to anyone! It’s not something that you will regret. You get to see a healthier version of yourself which not only pushes you to keep going but it inspires others to do the same. If I can do the F45 Challenge anyone can do it! I love my food and socialising and now I just make the healthier choices as part of my life…it’s a lifestyle.

Nathan: I would highly recommend anyone to take part in the next 8 week challenge. If you’re looking to improve your health and wellbeing and make a difference to your life, The F45 8 week challenge is a great place to start. You can achieve so much in 8 weeks and the great thing is that it puts you in good stead for life after the challenge. F45 Artarmon is such a great community based studio that you get great support from trainers and other members of the studio.

Cameron at F45 Artarmon would be delighted to speak to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle.

Contact Details

Address: Ground Floor 448 Pacific Highway, Lane Cove North
Facebook: @f45artarmon
Instagram: @f45artarmon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0422 015 596

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