Fat Shaming or Being Body Positive

The Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE) at Deakin University has suggested to the Senate Select Committee into the Obesity Epidemic in Australia that school children’s height and weight should be measured every two years unless parents opt out.  This proposal has created controversy.  Mitch Gibson from Yogabowl Lane Cove is not happy with this proposal.  She believes weighing and measuring school children could leave a lasting impact on a child. One that will not diminish as a child matures and struggles even more with their body image in the age of social media.  Mitch is an advocate of the body positive movement inspired by Sarah Harry. Mitch explains why she prefers this approach.

A few short minutes of research shows that obesity is a global issue, and several first world countries have REACTED in panic and discussed mandatory weighing and measuring of school children – mistakenly thinking it’s a great way to control childhood obesity.

Alarmingly, 70% of Australian women under 25 years struggle with body image as it is. Which only confirms what’s said in this interesting article published in The Guardian this year, fat shaming children at school is no way to control obesity.

As the article states, “It is a terrible, ill-advised, short-sighted idea – and one that could be quite dangerous.”

We’re all entitled to our opinions, though someone I love very dearly was a “fat kid”, and endured years of bullying as a result. It’s ridiculous to imagine the further damage that weighing and measuring at school would cause.

One woman I’ve been inspired by and recently collaborating with, is Sarah Harry.

Her resume reads like that of a remarkable superwoman …. as well as being a Psychotherapist and a Yogi, Sarah co-founded Body Positive Australia. She is an activist, speaker and media adviser on eating disorders, stigma, accessibility – all through a body positive and trauma-sensitive lens. 

This week she’s speaking to the Select Senate Committee, to highlight the potential damage weighing and measuring a school child could cause.  Her 10 body positive lessons for kids is a must read.


Sarah createdFat Yoga in Australia (which inspired me to introduce our Plus-Size Yoga course to Yogabowl), and wrote a best-selling book, “Fat Yoga, Yoga for all bodies”, which is sold all over the world.

At Yogabowl we’re proud to offer specialised Yoga for every body type.

It’s a great reminder that years ago when Yoga first began in India – it was a one-on-one session: the student with the Guru – and their practice was personalised to fit the student’s needs.

By creating specialised Yoga styles or niches, we’re covering the same bases – though adding a sense of community in the group setting.

Our next Plus-Size Yoga 9 week course with Deb will be kicking off later this month … and if not for you please share this with someone it may be right for.

We’ve created a body positive course, and a safe space for women who identify as plus-size – where we don’t need you to change or be different. We’ll work the Yoga around YOU, no matter where you’re at right now.

Praise for our Plus-Size Yoga course:

“I have adored this yoga class. It is the perfect mix of relaxation, information, Deb’s special brand of fun and such a wonderful deep stretch and strengthen. It’s really important to me to be in an accepting space that is not too full on, or at an obsessive pace.

Love it, can’t wait for the next course!” Anon

This is not a sponsored blog.  Yogabowl is an ITC Business Community Supporter and ITC attended a Plus Size Yoga class as the guest of Yogabowl.  There were participants from Hornsby, Beverley Hills and Newtown.


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