Moore Street Lane Cove – Left Turn into Bus Lane

    A Roving Reporter asked ITC to review new signs that have appeared on Moore Street Lane Cove West.  Moore Street is the road that motorists are not permitted to access before 9 am.  There is a locked gate during the morning peak. Queues of cars still form at 9am, waiting for the gate to be opened.

    A frustrated motorist has installed several signs aiming to educate drivers they can legally turn into the Epping Road bus lane.  ITC was surprised that this was legally permitted.  ITC has never turned into the bus lane thinking that was an illegal turn.  ITC was wrong.  The sign is correct.

    According to Rule 158 of the NSW Road Rules

    158   Exceptions to driving in special purpose lanes etc

    (1)  The driver of any vehicle may drive for up to the permitted distance in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram lane, transit lane or truck lane if it is necessary for the driver to drive in the lane:

    (a)  to enter or leave the road, or

    (b)  to enter a part of the road of one kind from a part of the road of another kind (for example, moving to or from a service road, the shoulder of the road or an emergency stopping lane), or

    (c)  to overtake a vehicle that is turning right, or making a U-turn from the centre of the road, and is giving a right change of direction signal, or

    (d)  to enter a marked lane, or part of the road where there is room for a line of traffic (other than motor bikes, bicycles, motorised wheelchairs or animals), from the side of the road.


     This subrule is an additional NSW subrule. There is no corresponding subrule in rule 158 of the Australian Road Rules.


    That is correct you have 100m to change lanes.  This, of course, can be tricky.  How do you know how far 100 m is?  Sometimes the traffic on Epping Road is bumper to bumper and it would nearly be impossible to cross into the non-bus lane within 100m.  It is also a bit scary as the buses travel quite quickly in the Epping Road bus lane.  They pick up speed as they come down the hill.  You also need to exercise caution with the cyclists using the cycle lanes.  They also travel quite quickly.

    By the way, if you think you can use this exception throughout Sydney, think again.  This exception does not apply to a bus-only lane.  Yes, there are two types of bus lanes.  Bus Lanes and Bus Only Lanes.  ITC checked and the bus lane on Epping Road is a Bus Lane which means that taxis, hire cars, motorcycles etc are permitted.

    Did you know about this rule?  What are your experiences at this intersection?

    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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