Lane Cove Week in Review 9th to 15th December 2018

Cover Photo by Ian Sanderson

Another jam packed week in Lane Cove with so much on and so much to report on – here we go!!

Lane Cove Council’s Proposed Action on the Longueville Road/River Road West Intersection (aka the Diddy)

Another two accidents at this intersection in seven days.  The RMS are looking at black spot funding for the 2019/2020 year.  RMS also told ITC they were looking at black spot funding in 2017.  This week the Lane Cove Council advised ITC the following measures would be put in place to make the intersection less confusing.

“Lane Cove Council is still hoping to hear the outcome of a more significant upgrade to this intersection which is subject to the RMS funding grant.

In the interim Council has recently received approval to complete the following line-marking works:

Installation of a dashed line through the intersection that indicates the centre line for the priority route along Northwood Road and River Road West;

Installation of a painted median island that effectively extends the physical median island; and

Reconfiguration of the arrows so there are two 45 degree arrows instead of the straight arrow and left arrow.

The line-marking contractor cannot confirm exact timings however we expect this will be completed before the end of January, weather-permitting.”

Last Swim in the Lane Cove 50m Pool

The 50m outdoor pool will be closed from Monday 17th December 2018.  It will be replaced by a new pool and grandstand.   Lane Cove Council has not indicated when a new pool will be completed.  They are seeking your comments on the new pool design and your memories of Lane Cove.  Read More Here.

The Lane Cove Swim Club had their final meet in the soon to be closed Lane Cove 50 m Pool on Saturday.

Confusing Letter Medium Density

This week, many Lane Cove residents received a Lane Cove Council letter asking them to “have your say” on Multi Dwelling Housing in the R2 Low Density Residential Zone (R2).

ITC followers were quick to tell us the letter was SO confusing. In a nutshell, they wanted to know what the letter was about and if the Lane Cove Council’s proposal was a good or bad proposal. Read here for more information that may help you understand the letter.  You can then decide if you should submit a comment.

Wild Summer Storms

This week, you could be forgiven for thinking we live in Queensland with the wild summer storms and the humidity.  Further tree branches have been falling.  One tree branch came down on Kenneth Street Longueville across the power lines.  Unbelievably residents still had power.

We love leafy Lane Cove and it’s very hard not to park your car near a big tree, but if you can avoid parking right under a tree or near a tree it’s good idea.  Where a tree is near powerlines Lane Cove Council is not permitted to trim those trees (which would be most trees on nature strips). This does create issues. Ausgrid is working on a pilot programme in Sutherland Council to see how local councils and Ausgrid can work together. 

Spare a thought for the local SES who do great work in clearing all the trees.  If you would like to join the SES, read more here.

HSC Results

Well done to the many Lane Cove students who completed HSC this year.  It is a very long 12 months for HSC students.  So relax now and have fun in whatever career path you choose.

There were plenty of Lane Cove names on the HSC merit list.  One Lane Cove student, Patrick Fuccilli achieved a Band 6 in all the subjects he completed (which is quite unusual given the number of subjects he studied). Read more here.

Christmas Lights

The Lane Cove Council has updated its online map of Christmas Lights and more houses have joined the Light Up Lane Cove Christmas Competition. Read more here.

Christmas Donations

Lane Cove is a very caring community and at this time of year ITC is often asked how people can donate items to make someone’s Christmas a tiny bit better.

Read our article on Christmas Donations in Lane Cove and find out how you can donate to:

Delvena Women’s Refuge
Sydney Community Services
Smith Family
NICU Food From the Heart
Got A Pen?


This week were notified of two suspicious incidents in Lane Cove.  As we have said before, be alert not alarmed.  We report these incidents so you can speak to your neighbours and help each other out

Parklands Avenue

A man knocked on a door in Parklands Avenue Saturday morning around 9am and asked if the homeowners had lost a parrot (they had not). The man looked as if he was impacted by drugs and could have been scoping out the house for a break-in. Did anyone else see the man and has anyone been broken into around Lane Cove North Parklands Avenue?

Lane Cove West

On Friday morning around 3 Am, a Lane Cove West resident was woken up by their dog barking and their sensor light going on. A man with a torch light on his head and gloves was bin diving (this has increased since bottles can be recycled for money). What concerned the resident is their sensor light only goes on if someone is near their garage or their front door. There was no need for this person to come up their driveway as the bin was in the street. People could easily ignore a stranger if they thought all they were doing was bin diving. Below is the van that left as soon as the bin diver realised the residents were awake. This is similar to intruders who wear high Viz vests and look official around Apartment blocks. People do not challenge them as they look like they are working. Moral of the Story: If you see someone you don’t know lurking around ask them what they are doing and check credentials (if they look like tradespeople).

Read out update on recent incidents in Lane Cove here.

Lane Cove Public School Picnic

The very popular Lane Cove Public School Picnic was held last Friday.  It went ahead even though the skies poured down about 30 minutes before the start time.  One of the most popular stalls was Four Frogs Creperie with chief Frog Florian working hard to keep up with the demand.  Four Frogs is new to Lane Cove this year and they have really embraced our  local community.

Summer School Holiday Activity Guide

Our Summer School Holiday Activity Guide is now out. It’s packed full of local Ideas to keep the kids occupied these holidays. River Road Tennis Centre has activities that have already started and if you need some time next week to run around or you are working – this is the activity for you. Many activities start in January, but some have early bird pricing. So, read the guide now to get the best price.

Activities include:

Tennis Camps;
Pop Disco Workshops – Bop Till You Drop
Intensive Swimming Camps
Art workshops
Martial Arts (free)
Teenager Activities
Cricket Camps
Learn to Sail
Masterchef, Ninja, Laser Tag and other Excursions available from some suppliers.

Shop Local

It’s been a hard year for our local businesses with many of our retailers sales figures between 30 to 50% less than last year.

Our Lane Cove Christmas Gift Guides are out now!! They are packed with heaps of local ideas and Christmas gift suggestions. There are gift vouchers for massages, lingerie, pilates and yoga, beauty treatments, hairdresser pampering and much more. There are also some unique ideas developed by Lane Cove locals such as eco bags, beautiful crystal water bottles, the slingstrap, and much more. Of course there is our food and drink guide with Gourmet Hams delivered to your door and some boozy stocking stuffers for the guy who has everything.

Shop Local or Local Goes. Many of our ideas are as simple as a phone call to our local retailers.

To make it easier for you with have different categories

Looking Good and Feeling Good –
Home and Family –
Food and Drink –
Fitness Sport and Activities –

This Week in Review is sponsored by Rebecca Mitchell from Raine and Horne                                                                                                                                                                                          .  Rebecca had fun at the Lane Cove Public School end of year picnic with Santa.  She is a Lane Cove Public School Community Sponsor.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  This is our last Week in Review for the year.  The ITC team will be working holiday hours from 22nd December 2018 to 7th January 2018.  During this time if you need to find out some important info or reunite a lost pet, we will respond and help.  We are taking a short break from writing articles, interviewing locals and tracking down all you need to know about Lane Cove. We have nearly finished our Christmas/New Year Trading hours article, so you will know what is open on public holidays.  Thank you so much for supporting In the Cove.  We would love it if you could tell all your Lane Cove friends about In the Cove.  As we say the more people who know about ITC the more local info we get.

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Cover Photo Ian Sanderson