Lane Cove News Week in Review 5th to 12th January 2019

    Welcome to our first week in review of 2019.  ITC hopes you had a lovely Christmas and that 2019 will be a wonderful year for you.

    At the end of 2018 and early 2019, Lane Cove has been experiencing a “mini crime wave”.  ITC has been advised of property break ins, stolen cars, car break ins and acts of petty vandalism. See our crime report below.

    Summer Storms

    Over the last couple of weeks, Sydney has experienced several electrical storms. Last Saturday, one yacht in Burns Bay Reserve was directly hit by lightning and sunk (see our cover photo).

    Power Outages

    During the Christmas break residents complained of power failure in the early morning. On 30th December 2018 over 700 homes in Lane Cove West lost power. Ausgrid advised ITC the blackout in Lane Cove West was due to a low voltage distributor issue. This was the same reason for a power outage on 31 October 2018. This week about 30 Lane Cove North residents experienced a power blackout. Residents on Chisholm Street and Wardrop Street Greenwich lost power after a truck collided with power lines.

    Celebrity Sighting in Lane Cove

    Just prior to Christmas a roving reporter told ITC they had seen Andrew Winter from Selling Houses Australia in Lane Cove. He was filming in a street close to the Lane Cove Village. It’s not the first time Selling Houses Australia has featured a house in the Lane Cove Council Area. Bernadette Hayes from Harbourline Real Estate starred in an episode about a house in Greenwich.  This week, ITC found out that Harbourline Real Estate will be featuring in another episode of Selling Houses Australia.  The episode will air in March 2019.  You can check out the property that was “made over” here.

    Trolleygate is Back

    Have you noticed the increased number of shopping trolleys lying around Lane Cove over the Christmas/New Year period?  Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of last year’s trolley implosion. At one stage the trolley situation was so bad, the Lane Cove Council had to impound Coles Trolleys (see photo below).


    Special Needs Education in Lane Cove

    This week, the Sydney Morning Herald published an interesting article on schools and resources devoted to children with special needs. The article notes that special needs classes in public schools are heavily concentrated in the most disadvantaged parts of Sydney, with 92 in the Blacktown local government area alone but none in Hunters Hill, Lane Cove or Mosman. If you’re worried about your child starting kindergarten there are several school readiness programmes listed in our School Holiday Activity Guide.

    We also have local speech pathologists/OT who can help assess your child. Find details about these professionals in the ITC’s Lane Cove Business Directory here.

    Creepy Crawlies in Lane Cove

    Over the holiday break you may have seen media reports about the Australian Reptile Park experiencing a big increase in the number of funnel-web spiders being handed in for antivenin. The park went so far as to issue a public warning. Funnel Webs are very “north shore”. ITC has received several reports of spider activity in Lane Cove homes and gardens.  One roving reporter published a post on In the Cove Lane Cove Chat noting she found a spider in her dog’s drinking bowl.  Read what to do if you find a spider here.

    Lane Cove Pool

    As many of you know, the Lane Cove Outdoor 50m pool was closed just before Christmas due to structural integrity issues.  This week, the Sydney Morning Herald published an article on the high cost of building and maintaining public pools.  Read the article here.

    Lane Cove Business Update

    Tattoo Clothing on Longueville Road has closed.  The new tenant for their former Longueville Road premises is a Red Cross Op Shop.

    Harbour Radiology will be opening on Longueville Road near Geo Hairdressers early this year.


    Christmas Tree Recycling

    ITC has seen quite a few green bins around the Lane Cove Council area looking like the bin below. ITC has been told by Lane Cove Council that green bins with Christmas trees sticking out will not be collected by their waste contractor. Read our post on how to dispose of your tree and also Roving Reporter Clare’s tip on “donating” them to Taronga Park Zoo here.

    Crime Report

    Thieves broke into several Subway stores in the North Shore including the Lane Cove store.

    Over the last two weeks the following incidents have been reported to ITC:

    Sutherland Street – Car Break In;
    Sutherland Street – Attempted Break In;
    Cope Street – Attempted Break in – scared off by dog;
    Kullah Parade Lane Cove North – M Series Convertible 1976 Model DPZ 46L stolen
    Carranya Road – BMW Stolen (the car was found in Sydney’s West);
    Taleeban Road – Car Stolen; and
    Longueville – Residents spotting a possible intruder scoping out their house

    Whenever anyone reports an incident to ITC, we recommend they report the incident to the police.  It’s important to report any incident (big or small) to the police.  This helps the police to establish a pattern (which may or may not lead to extra staffing or patrols). Read our article here on how you can report crime online or via phone.

    Built By Dezign

    This week in review is sponsored by Lane Cove local builders Built by Dezign.  The owners live in Lane Cove and work in Lane Cove.  Renovations are their speciality.  Built by Dezign is an #itcplatinumsponsor. Without sponsors, we could not keep you up to date on all things Lane Cove or  undertake community and advocacy work in Lane Cove.  This is a peak of a kitchen installed in a Longueville Renovation.


    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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