Centennial Av and Epping Rd Intersection Roadworks to Start 21 January 2019

RMS roadworks to add a left-hand turn lane from Centennial Avenue onto Epping Road will start on Monday 21 January 2019 and are planned to be completed by November 2019.

Roadwork Details

The RMS will:

  • widen Centennial Avenue to provide a left turn lane for motorists travelling north on Centennial Avenue onto Epping Road;
  • amend the bus lane merge line markings to move the westbound bus lane merge on Epping Road further away from the Centennial Avenue intersection;
  • expand the traffic island on the Centennial Avenue northbound approach to Epping Road adjusting the footpath on the western side of Centennial Avenue and around Turrumburra Park; and
  • relocate a swing set to another position in Turrumburra Park.

Will the Proposed Roadworks Ease Traffic Congestion?

The RMS believes the roadworks will:

  • reduce queue lengths for motorists travelling northbound on Centennial Avenue at Epping Road; and
  • improve travel times and left turn movement for northbound motorists turning from Centennial Avenue onto Epping Road.

The RMS claims, that in conjunction with the clearways introduced on Centennial Avenue last year, the left-hand turn lane will help ease congestion, reduce travel times and make the intersection safer for northbound motorists.

In their feedback report on the proposed works the RMS commented:

“Currently, northbound traffic on Centennial Avenue experiences significant delays and queues of over 400 metres in the AM peak hour.

Existing issues include:

  • the left turn from Centennial Avenue northbound onto Epping Road westbound, is blocked by the queueing traffic caused by the westbound bus lane merge on Epping Road;
  • the left turn slip lane on Centennial Avenue northbound is blocked by queuing through traffic, preventing vehicles from turning left.

The proposal aims to improve traffic flow through the intersection by widening Centennial Avenue and changing the lane configuration on both Centennial Avenue and Epping Road. Traffic modelling has shown that the proposed upgrades will have significant benefits for performance of the intersection and will significantly reduce queue lengths and increase the approach capacity in the AM peak, benefiting over 975 northbound vehicles on Centennial Avenue in the AM peak hour.

Based on 2017 traffic volumes, the model shows average travel time savings for northbound vehicles on Centennial Avenue of up to 57 seconds in the AM peak and 5 seconds in the PM peak period. Reduction in queue length on Centennial Avenue northbound approach of up to 319 metres in the AM peak and 60 metres in the PM peak period”

Traffic Delays During Roadworks

The RMS has advised there will be traffic delays during the construction period. Construction vehicles will access the works site from the Centennial Avenue end of Turrumburra Park to the northern end, through an existing gap between trees.  Trucks entering and exiting the site will result in traffic delays.

RMS state on their website:

“Work hours are between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday, 8am and 1pm on Saturday, and 6pm to 7am Sunday to Friday. No work will be done on public holidays.

This work schedule is designed to complete the intersection upgrade as quickly as possible, limiting the impact on the local community. Most work is being done at night to minimise traffic disruption and reduce health and safety risks to workers.”

Noise Impact on Lane Cove West Residents

There will be noise associated with this upgrade.  Noise will be generated by vehicle movements, concreting and equipment being moved.

The RMS state on their website:

“Every effort will be made to limit these disruptions. For example, nosier tasks will be completed by midnight and respite offered during prolonged night works.”

Turrumburra Park (ask Steam Roller Park) will be Closed

To carry out this work, RMS will temporarily close Turrumburra Park and playground, to use as the project compound site. Lane Cove Council has confirmed they will reinstate the park swing set and playground facilities after the work is completed.

Eighteen trees will be removed from Turrumburra Park to accommodate the new left turn lane. The RMS have committed to planting advanced trees upon completion.

This park has not been upgraded or renovated for a long time.  After the roadworks are completed it would be an ideal time for Lane Cove Council to upgrade this park.

Pedestrian and Cycleway Access During Roadworks

During construction, an alternative pedestrian pathway will be established through Turrumburra Park. This pathway will be separated from the compound sites by secure fencing. There will also be lighting along the alternative pathway to ensure pedestrians can safely walk through the park after dark. The pedestrian pathway will be reinstated after work has been completed.

The cycleway and pedestrian footpath which runs through the centre of Turrumburra Park will remain open to the public at all times during construction work. The pedestrian pathway around the park might need to be closed at times with alternative routes available. There will be clear signage at each end of the pathway, ahead of any closures, to advise the dates and times the pathway cannot be used.

Who To Contact if You Have Questions

You can contact Ward Civil (the contractor undertaking the works) as follows:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1300 919 508
Website:  RMS Sydney North

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