Eight Australia Day Food/Drinks To Enjoy in Lane Cove

Australia Day is all about hanging with your friends and having a BBQ and a game of backyard cricket.  Here is some Aussie Day Food you might want to consider chowing down on this Australia Day Weekend – you have three whole days to eat some great Aussie food.

Australia Day Snags

For those kicking back with a cold one, you might well be thinking BBQ, or even more specifically, Sausage Sizzle. Did you know that it is UN-Australian not to have a sausage on Australia Day?!

Well the crazy gang at Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats have just the banger for Australia Day – it is their famous Lamb, Cheese & Vegemite snags, pictured below.

hummerstons sausages
Australia Day Snags


If you are having a BBQ at home then let the guys at Porters Northwood help you out.  Of course to be really Australian you might want to sink a few Bob Hawke’s Lagers.  If you are having a big shindin If you need to stock up on drinks in advance of the day, Porter’s Liquor also stock a good range of grog, and they will also deliver your order, along with ice and glasses too if required!  Make sure you contact them before Australia Day to arrange delivery.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Gelato

On a hot day, a cold Bundaberg Ginger Beer hits the spot for many people.  If you combine Ginger Beer and Gelato you get a taste sensation that is taking Lane Cove by storm.

There are six bottles of Ginger Beer in every batch (according to Gelato Guru Bruce).  On a hot day the coolest place in Lane Cove is Gelatissimo Lane Cove (literally).

Tim Tam Crepe at Four Frogs Creperie

Whatever your plans are on Australia Day make sure you visit Four Frogs Crêperie! Their special Australia Day crepe is a Tim Tam crêpe! It’s only available on Australia Day. You have been warned! We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this baby.

The Cake Man Lamingtons

Nothing says Australia Day like a lamington (fun fact: Lamingtons was first invented in Toowoomba Queensland where ITC’s mum lives).  What goes well with snags? One word Lamingtons.  Check out The Cake Man’s cream filled Lamington delights with jam (be still my beating heart).

Ice Cream Sangas at 7 Eleven

If it is hot the entire Australia Day weekend, treat yourself to the new Ice Cream Sangas at 7 Eleven on the Corner of Burns Bay Road and Centennial Avenue. Sangas so good you’ll need two! Or three! Or ten!!! We won’t judge 😉 Available in Chocolate Mint and Caramel. Only at 7-Eleven.

Australia Day at The Alcott – Five Buck Beers

Five Buck Beers all day – All day, every day for Australia Day long weekend

$5 Beers and Ciders
$20 for a Bucket of Four
$20 Burgers

Friday 25th Jan – Monday 28th Jan*

Australia Day at Lillah Kitchen

Lillah Kitchen has chargrilled prawns and beer to celebrate Australia Day.  They are open on Australia Day 26th January from 12 pm.

Have fun over the Australia Day Long Weekend and if you want to know what is happening around Lane Cove on Australia Day read our article here.

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