Gallery Lane Cove Hosts First International Exhibition by TSENG Ying-Tung

Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios has secured The first Australian exhibition of celebrated Taiwanese Artist TSENG Ying-Tung.  The exhibition is called Sprout: The Conservation of Energy

The Exhibition opened tonight (30th January 2019) and runs until 2nd March 2019.  This major solo exhibition features with no less than 13 series and a total of 53 art works.

A prominent and well-collected artist in Taiwan and Mainland China, TSENG is known for his mixed-media paintings and public artworks. In particular, his mixed media art is favoured amongst collectors.

Tseng is the founder of the privately funded “Gan Le A-She” Asir Art Museum in Tainan. He has exhibited in Europe and America and has a significant public art practice in Taiwan.

This exhibition is part of Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios’ 2019 Lunar New Year program.

Constance H Wang Director General Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Councillor Karola Brent, the artist, Councillor Daniel Strassberg at the Offical Opening

Tseng’s brand new exhibition Sprout: The Conservation of Energy seeks to re-imagine the world from the perspectives of strength, transformation and energy, with the ethos of loves as an intangible asset and counterpoint to materialism and money.


TSENG has been inspired by energy in recent years. The artist approaches love and money as dominant energies in the intangible and tangible worlds. In addition, the symbiotic co-existence of humanity and nature has been a long-standing focus for TSENG, evidenced by the use of life forms and symbols such as mountains, flowers, coral, trees, butterflies, loaves of bread, fish, the shapes of hearts and ancient coins in his artworks. His depiction of dichotomous elements as part of an indivisible whole is underscored by the embrace of Taoist philosophy.

As an extension of the natural world, TSENG considers the preservation of natural resources and humanity a holistic continuum, employing Papier-mâché and sand to construct the base and shape of his artworks, creating a solid, uneven and gritty texture that mirrors the essence of time. His technique of ink washes colors his artworks with layered oil paint before the final touch of gold foil, reflecting the energy of love.

Meet The Artist

TSENG will participate in a panel discussion at 11 am on Saturday 2nd February. This will be a rare opportunity for Sydney audiences to meet the Taiwan-based artist.  RSVP here.

Contact Details

Address:  164 Longueville Road NSW (opposite the Library)
Phone: 9428 4898
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Facebook: @gallerylanecove

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 10 am – 4.30 pm

Saturdays 10 am – 2.30 pm

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Cover Photo:

| 金山銀山 : 玉山 Gold and Silver Mountains: Mountain Jade | 複合媒材 Mixed media | 91 x 180 cm x4 | 2018 by TSENG Ying-Tung.

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