Lane Cove News Week in Review 24th March to 31 March 2019

A quiet start to the week and then Lane Cove was pumping by the end of the week.  Was it an election hangover?

New Portfolio for Anthony Roberts

Our local member the Hon Anthony Roberts is now the Minister for Corrections and Counter Terrorism.

Street Libraries

The Lane Cove Council rolled out new street libraries this week.  It appears that not everyone is a big fan of the concept.  The street library at Northbridge went missing within 24 hours of its’ installation.  Four new libraries were installed at:

  • Kimberley Park, Kimberley Avenue, Lane Cove
  • Ludowici Reserve, Penrose Street, Lane Cove
  • Lloyd Rees Park, Northwood Road, Northwood
  • Stringybark Creek Reserve, corner of Elizabeth Parade and Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove North

Another Tree Bites the Dust

A big tree came down on William Edward Street Longueville on Saturday.  Roving Reporters advised the tree was full of borers.  The tree fell on powerlines and resulted in about 40 customers losing power (luckily some of them were celebrating earth hour at the same time as the blackout).

Check Your Eggs

There is another free-range egg recall for Blue Mountains Free Range Eggs. EGGS THAT ARE BEING RECALLED HAVE BEEN PURCHASED IN LANE COVE. A roving reporter sent us a photo of the packet she purchased this week. If you have purchased free range eggs in Lane Cove from an independent grocer/butcher/baker/fruit shop, please check to see if they are the eggs the subject of the recall. Please let any of your friends who you know purchase free range eggs about this recall. Read more here.

Passenger Assaulted on Bus Route 252

Police have advised that a passenger was assaulted on bus 252. ITC was advised about this incident on the same day that a school child was targeted at the Artarmon station. Read more here.

Lane Cove Council Ditches Snap Send Solve

Lane Cove Council is moving away from Snap Send Solve as a way to quickly report local issues. Snap Send Solve has recently introduced an annual licence fee that Lane Cove Council has decided they will not pay as they want to put more resources in a customer relations management system customised for LCC. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Lane Cove residents use Snap Send Solve and we are on the top 10 list of Sydney Suburbs to report issues. Will any system used by LCC be better than what Snap Send Solve is offering?  Read more here

Crime and Incident Report

Intruders targeted Sutherland Street this week. You would think that intruders would not want to come out in heavy rain – think again. A roving reporter told us about this incident at 5.30 am on Saturday morning.

“Persons unknown entered the back of the house via side gate, through an unlocked sliding back door of the house at 5:30am this morning (during heavy rain). Fortunately the occupant of the house was in the room in the dark and the person ran off. Too dark for a description; following recent incidents in the area keys were not left by the door and the person was interrupted before anything taken. Sensor lights in other properties on Sutherland street were also set off.”

Two cars were vandalised on Barwon Road on Saturday morning. Windows were smashed but nothing was taken from the cars.

The intersection at River Road and Warraroon Road Riverview is a tricky one and on Friday afternoon there was another big accident.  Luckily no-one was seriously injured.

Upcoming Events

Drag Bingo

Drag Bingo is back baby.  Lane Cove is loving drag bingo.  After two sell out gigs, Portia Turbo is back for another night of Drag Bingo on  11th April 2019.  Book now and book quickly as this event sells out and is SO MUCH FUN.

School Holidays

School Holidays are on the horizon.  What do you do with those kids during the school holidays?  Good Question and we have all the answers in our School Holiday Activities Guide.

A new adventure camp that celebrates the outdoor and our access to the Lane Cove River is Adventure Camp.  Adventure Camp is based at Greenwich Sailing Club.

Adventure Camp has been running in Mosman and Northbridge and now they are running camps in Greenwich/Cockatoo Island.  Their slogan is No Kids Left Inside.  Kids learn through adventure and the best adventures are had outdoors. The founders of Adventure Camps  wanted to help kids experience the amazing fun that can be had when they go outside and explore. These camps help kids to build confidence, develop initiative, increase creativity, make new friends and above all, have FUN.  Book now as camps in other suburbs have sold out fast.  The camps are suitable for kids aged 7 – 12 years old.  Greenwich is their newest Adventure Camp, and they are excited to have a new home these holidays – at the Greenwich Sailing Club!  They will be using this as a base to explore Cockatoo Island and take a trip to the Greenwich Baths for some fun in the water.

Drop off will now be at the Greenwich Sailing Club, and this will be their Adventure HQ during the camp.  They will be bringing some new water games and new exciting teamwork challenges into the program also. Sign up now to escape the screens and join an Adventure!

Through outdoor education, kids can:

  • Build Confidence
  • Develop Initiative
  • Increase Creativity
  • Make Friends
  • Have Fun

Cost: $199.95 for 2-Day Camp
Date:  23rd and 24th April 2019
Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Address: Greenwich Sailing Club
Book Here: Booking here
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @adventurecampau

This week in review is sponsored by Alert Locksmiths and Security.  Alerts Locksmiths has been in Lane Cove for nearly 30 years.  With holidays coming up here are some tips (insert Easter for Christmas – the message is the same).


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