Meet Lane Cove’s Very Own Stamp Expert Michel Roussos

Did you ever collect stamps?  Do you still collect stamps?  If you have a stamp collection then you might want to meet stamp expert Michel Roussos.  ITC sat down with Michel and found out all about his background and it’s fascinating (and a bit of a love story).

When Did You First Become Interested in Stamps?

I started my philatelic life as a student in July 1977 working for the family stamp business to make some money for my holidays.

The business was created in 1925 by my grandfather.

Our stamp shop was located on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. In 1978 I also started to work with one of the best philatelic experts in the world.  I spent four years learning about the major items in the philatelic world. In 1981, I created my own company and in 1992 I took over the family company.

I was also the Vice President of the French Stamp Dealers Association between 1993 to 1996 and I have been (and still am) the Stamp Expert for French Customs since 1999.

Being a stamp expert means buying, selling, researching, classifying and evaluating postage stamps.

Paris is a city of stamp lovers.  In France it is estimated that two million people have private postage stamp collections.

Why Did You Move to Australia?

I came to Australia because in September 2013 I met a lovely Aussie lady in a Parisian restaurant. Our eyes locked on each other and I knew I wanted to know more about her. We married in 2015 and we have been living in Lane Cove since September 2017. Without this love story, I would never thought to come and live in this nice country.

Why Do You Love Being a Stamp Expert/Stamp Dealer?

I love learning and discovering new stamps. Even now, I continue to learn about the history of other countries through their stamps. It’s a real pleasure for me.

What is Your Favourite Australian Stamp?

My favourite Australian stamp was issued by News South Wales in 1897 for the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria. I love the art deco style.

What is your favourite French Stamp?

My favourite French stamp was issued in 1930. The subject is a statue in a Cathedral at Reims. It’s called “The Angel with a Smile”.

What Services Does A Stamp Expert Offer?

I would love to talk to Lane Cove residents about stamps.  They might want to contact me if:

  • they are looking to sell their stamp collection;
  • if they are looking for a specific stamp to add to their stamp collection;
  • if they would like some advice on how to grow their collection.

So dust off your stamp collection Lane Cove – (ITC has already asked her mum to send me my stamp collection).

Contact Details

Michel Roussos Stamp Expert
Phone:  0426 046 930
Email:  [email protected]




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