Jack & Co’s 35 K in 35 days for Alex Noble – Injured Local Schoolboy

    Wade Death, owner of Jack and Co, is a former St Ignatius College Riverview Student.  A Riverview Schoolboy and his family were customers of the Jack & Co Northwood store and used to come in on a weekend (generally for pies after the game!).  This has now all changed with their son, Alex, sustaining a severe injury which has changed his life.  Wade wanted to do something to help out Alex’s family and he came up with 35K in 35 Days.

    A Training Session that Ended in Tragedy

    Local boy Alex Noble was tragically injured playing rugby in October 2018.

    At 16 years old Alex was training with the Under 17 NSW Rugby Sevens youth selection squad and was a very talented rugby player, with a promising future.

    Following an on-field training incident, Alex was rushed to hospital where he spent 6 hours in surgery, had a metal rod and bolts inserted into his spine and placed on a ventilator.

    Alex woke a quadriplegic.

    Alex’s Journey

    In the past 9 months Alex has regained a tiny amount of bicep function in one arm, has no use of his legs and can not point his fingers together. He’s been in hospital or rehab since the injury and understandably his family is keen to get him back home which will come at a considerable cost! Things are tough and the family have recently bought a new house to accommodate for Alex and his needs.

    As you can all imagine this kind of care comes at a significant cost. We asked Alex’s family what we could do to help get him home and decided we’d like to try and buy them a FES (Functional Electrical Stimulator) to make staying at home a reality for them!

    This machine uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate the peripheral nerves that connect the spinal cord to the muscles. Adhesive pads are placed over the muscle to activate them and can be applied to the core muscles to strengthen them which will help with Alex’s posture, Balance, transferring, reaching and coughing all day to day activities that we all take for granted.

    There’s one catch… it costs $35k !

    And so Jack and Co’s 35k in 35 days campaign was born! They will be contributing a lot to this fundraiser, but as a small business, they can’t stump the whole $35k… so they have decided to ask for a bit of help from the community to hopefully get us across the line!

    Jack and Co appreciate many of you may not know Alex but know that himself and his family will be eternally grateful for any contribution made on this page and helping on his road to a more adaptable life.

    Funds raised  will be used solely for Alex’s rehabilitation and is not for profit.

    There is a trust account set up for Alex and his father Glen Noble is overseeing the account.

    How Can You Help?

    You can contribute directly to the Go Fund Me Page, like Jack and Co’s Facebook Page and Instagram Page (they will be contributing a $1.00 per like up to $5000).  The Store will be holding specials where profits from certain lines will be paid into the fund.  In the Cove will be sharing these deals.