Vote for Lane Cove Projects in My Community Project Grants

Help decide which projects get funding in Lane Cove. My Community Project will fund projects in each NSW electorate to help improve the wellbeing of the people and communities that live there.

If you live in NSW and are 16 years or older, you’ll be able to vote for the projects in the Lane Cove electorate. If you live in Lane Cove North you can vote for projects that impact Lane Cove North. Voting across NSW closes on 15 August 2019.


More than 1800 community groups and individuals across NSW completed applications for the groundbreaking My Community Project grants program.

It’s a $24.4 million program which allows people to nominate a community project and then vote on which ones are funded.  The NSW State Government asked people to think about their community needs, develop that idea with a local sponsor organisation such as a school or charity and then tell the NSW Government how funding can help turn their concept into reality.

Voting commenced in mid-July and winners will be announced in September. Grants of between $20,000 and $200,000 will be awarded once voting is complete.

Lane Cove Projects

The following two Lane Cove Projects have been shortlisted.

The Sydney Edible Garden Trail – A Lane Cove Initiative

The trail will promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by encouraging people to grow their own food. Gardeners will share their passion and knowledge, promoting and inspiring self reliance, with some gardens providing free events such as skill shares, garden talks and tours to the public. All profits from the event are directed back into the community via grants to local school and community edible gardens.

The open gardens will attract visitors to the area on the event days. It will generate a sense of community amongst the people opening their gardens on the day, the volunteers and visitors. It will also benefit the community by helping people to learn more about sustainable gardening practices, healthy living, the environmental and economic benefits of growing your own food. Sales of tickets via local shops, helps local businesses.

We have a team of 5 volunteers who are organising the event. Laurie Green, founder Crop Swap Australia, Bridget Kennedy, founding member Repair Care Sydney North and small business owner, Margaret Mossakowska, founder Moss house, Nita Lo and Janna Mizens Permaculture Sydney North members, Between the 5 of us, we have experience in either operating a business, coordinating large events/projects and/or working with community groups.  Read more about this exciting concept here.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Sydney’s first Edible Garden Trail will inspire people to grow their own food and start their own edible gardens.
  • We’ll promote healthy living, self reliance, a sustainable lifestyle, share skills and passions for growing your own healthy food.
  • Support local community and school edible gardens by funnelling ALL profits back into grants that support projects in this area.


Longueville Sporting Club – Female Toilets Expansion

Club membership has increased over the years with a high percentage of new members being young families with children. ‍ The Club is utilised by young families as it provides a safe, secure and enclosed environment. At present, the Club has two female toilets which are inadequate and do not meet the Building Code of Australia requirements. There will be a significant reduction in the existing queuing required for female toilets.

The Club is a family community Club used by the general community and by many associated sporting clubs within the Lane Cove area. ‍ The requested grant will bring the level of facilities at the Club to a minimum acceptable standard commensurate with community expectations. ‍ This will ensure community members will have a safe and comfortable experience when using the premises.

The project is expected to be completed before the beginning of Summer 2019. ‍ The Club will manage the upgrade works in conjunction with Council as the principal certifying authority undertaking the work already approved under a development approval. ‍ The Club has extensive experience in managing projects of this nature.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Female patrons will enjoy modern and comfortable standards and will experience less queuing to use the toilets.
  • The improved toilet facilities will be at a standard that meets the Building Code of Australia requirements.
  • New toilet facilities will improve patronage at the club and increase social interaction within the community.

All project information is provided by the applicant. The NSW Government is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.


Longueville Sporting Club Lane Cove

You can vote for up to three projects – vote in order of your preference. Other projects in the Lane Cove Electorate are here.  You can only vote for projects in your electorate.

Lane Cove North Projects

The Greatfulness Project in conjunction with North Sydney Rotary

The program will provide students with proactive strategies and tools to manage stress, worry & anxiety. It will help them build their confidence in preparation for high school and teach them how to lead from within. The project will help to make mental health an everyday conversation and teach young people how to bounce back from challenges. The major benefit is that young people will be taught how to flourish.

‘When schools flourish, all flourishes’ Martin Luther King. If young people are taught how to flourish, they are more likely to contribute to their community in a positive way and give back. The Greatfulness program has already had a very positive impact in school communities within Sydney and for families. ‘Thank you Jacqui, lots of practical tools to create a happy household. I really appreciate how practical Greatfulness is’ (parent).

The program will be delivered to 500 students within local primary schools (such as Mowbray Public)  with a particular focus on public schools. It will be delivered by Founder, Jacqueline Jones and supported by Rotary, North Sydney. This format has already been piloted with other Rotary clubs and has worked extremely well. The project will be evaluated and assessed accordingly and will be delivered within 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • We will INSPIRE YOUTH & help them to flourish. Ultimately, we will have a positive impact on youth mental health.
  • We will HELP SCHOOLS make mental health an everyday conversation and build a culture of wellbeing for all.
  • We want to build a STRONG COMMUNITY by empowering youth to better understand themselves & others and to develop positive relationships.


North Sydney Project

Many Lane Cove locals help out  with the project below

Food For Life – Vegetarian, Healthy, Nutritious

Free food, Yoga & Meditation, and counselling services accessible to wider community regardless of age, gender, nationality, and faith.

What’s this project about?

Free, vegetarian, nutritious food to homeless, senior citizens, and those in need, regardless of age, gender, religious, and nationality. ‍ Old, renovated and extended kitchen would be able to cope with growing demand for cooking food. ‍ Increase participation in services like Yoga & Meditation, counselling. ‍ Increase social interaction, communication, respect, and tolerance among the communities, when they come together. ‍ Promote vegetarian food as nutritious, as is the food from any other source.

Free food available to anyone, served with dignity and respect for the recipients, without being at the mercy of anyone. ‍ A place will be accessible for social interaction in a peaceful, respectful environment. ‍ Access to Yoga and Meditation facilities, supervised by a qualified person. ‍ Spiritual counselling to those in need.

By professional managers (for delivery of project, accounting, and IT), qualified trades men. When completed, managed by volunteers, professionals/managers, cooks, volunteer food servers, Yoga & Meditation instructors, counsellors, cleaners on a regular basis. ‍ Project is already underway. Kitchen work will be completed within 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Free vegetarian, nutritious food, for all communities, regardless of age, gender, faith, and nationality, at a community owned place.
  • Free Yoga and meditation facilities for all.
  • Community place for social gatherings in a peaceful, respectful environment.


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