Residents Query Lane Cove West Red Light/Speed Camera Location

The red light/speed camera (“red light camera”) is now operational at the Fig Tree Street/Barwon Road and Centennial Avenue intersection Lane Cove West.

Warning Letter for One Month

A Transport for NSW spokesperson advised ITC the camera became operational on 27th September 2019.

They further advised ITC:

“The new camera will operate in warning mode for one month during which time drivers caught speeding or running red lights will be sent a warning letter to encourage them to change their behaviour. Fines and demerit points will be sent to drivers who offend at this location following the warning mode period.”

What Will the Red Light Camera Capture?

According to the Transport for NSW spokesperson, this camera will capture cars running the red light and/or speeding from Fig Tree Street into Barwon Road and cars running the red light and/or speeding turning left or right into Centennial Avenue.

Why Was a Red Light Camera Installed at this Intersection?

Road Safety Centre Executive Director Bernard Carlon said:

“We know that running red lights can lead to serious T-bone crashes or vehicles crashing into pedestrians. Around 60 per cent of red-light speed camera offences are from people running red lights so we know that we’re addressing this problem head-on.”

In the five years from 2013 to 2017, 11 crashes occurred at this intersection resulting in two fatalities and six people injured, one of them seriously.

“The new camera will help to improve road safety at this busy intersection where there are many surrounding homes and community facilities and it is busy with traffic and pedestrians,” Mr Carlon said.

“The most recently published NSW speed camera review found fatal and serious injury crashes fell by more than a third at red-light speed camera locations, and pedestrian casualties fell by nearly half.”

“We know that red light and speed cameras work to slow drivers down and reduce dangerous red light running, reducing the number and severity of crashes, and save lives. This has been demonstrated both in NSW and worldwide. The NSW Government’s 2017 speed camera review found that there has been an 85 per cent reduction in fatalities at fixed speed camera locations, and a 54 per cent reduction in fatalities at red-light speed camera locations.”

He further said: “Every cent from speed camera revenue goes into the Community Road Safety Fund, which is used to fund important safety programs such as road safety upgrades, high visibility police operations, raised pedestrian crossings and school zone flashing lights.”

Transport for NSW said they will continue to monitor this intersection.

Is the Red Light Camera in the Correct Place?

Today ITC was taking photos of the new camera when a driver called out and told us the cameras were in the wrong place and should be capturing people turning right into Centennial Avenue from Barwon Road.  RMS has said it will capture people turning right into Centennial Avenue and there are signs warning drivers on Barwon Road that the intersection is a red light/speed camera intersection.

Others have posted on In the Cove that people speed along Centennial Avenue and regularly run the red light and the red light camera should be placed on Centennial Avenue.  Many Lane Cove West residents are calling Centennial Avenue, the Centennial Avenue Speedway (read more here).

The number one complaint is queuing across this intersection during peak hour.  This does create frustration for drivers on Fig Tree Road and Barwon Road (the photo below was taken before peak hours and during school holidays).  One of the main reasons for this congestion is the flow on effect of the Penrose/Burns Bay Road/Centennial Avenue intersection. This is another intersection that Transport for NSW refuses to fix up.  Read more here.


There is a speed camera stationed a not far away near Charlish Park.

Dedicated Right Turning Arrow

Transport for NSW is not considering a dedicated right turn traffic signals at this intersection.  The Transport for NSW Spokesperson said this was based on:

  • good sight distance to oncoming traffic for those wishing to turn right; and
  • a review of the crash data at this intersection which has shown a mix of crash types with no clear trend.

The red-light speed camera will be monitored closely to determine its effect on the crashes at this intersection – the new camera is expected to address the crashes currently experienced.

Turn Left with Care Sign Removed

Previously you could turn left into Centennial Avenue from Fig Tree Street even if the lights were red. In August 2016 the Turn Left with Care Sign was removed.

To sign up for alerts to changes in camera locations, visit

What do you think? Should a red light/speed camera be located on Centennial Avenue?

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