Centennial Avenue Speedway

    Many Lane Cove West residents are calling Centennial Avenue, the Centennial Avenue Speedway.  In March 2018 controversial clearways were introduced on Centennial Avenue and Burns Bay Road.

    The Residents objected to the clearways for the following reasons:

    • Visitors will not be able to park on Centennial Avenue (particularly at times you would be entertaining like weekends and public holidays);
    • Couriers will not be able to make deliveries;
    • No parking available for tradespeople, removalists or any other person providing services to your house;
    • No parking available to visit Charlish Park (located on Centennial Avenue – this is a wonderful playground with a roll hill for the more adventurous);
    • In some cases, the distance between side streets is over half a kilometre making it difficult for elderly residents, parents with prams, residents with shopping and guests to park and walk. The land is not flat making the walk even more difficult;
    • Many of the homes in this area are from the 1920’s and do not have driveways or garages;
    • There is no ability for pedestrians to cross Centennial Avenue between Epping road and Fig Tree Street. This is a distance of over 1 kilometre. At least with some parked cars you are crossing two lanes, not the proposed four lanes;
    • Burns Bay Road/ Centennial Avenue sidestreets will become carparks. These residential streets are narrow and will be reduced to one lane creating unnecessary pedestrian safety and congestion;
    • The RMS has not investigated the reasons for the congestion, all they have done is looked at number of vehicles travelling along the road; (see below for reasons for congestion);
    • The main reason for congestion on Centennial Avenue are the lights on Penrose Street and Burns Bay Road.
    • With the clearways introduced and cars no longer parked in the street this will encourage speeding.

    Currently there are roadworks being undertaken on the corner of Centennial Avenue and Epping Road to increased commute time by 57 seconds.  Read more here.

    Source: RMS


    RMS Data

    According to Speed Camera Data the period between July 2018 to March 2019 has resulted in 1 449 fines for the 8 month period July 2018 to April 2019.

    The following fines were levied for a full 12 month period:

    2017 – 2018 1660
    2017 – 2016 1700
    2016- 2015 1920


    Cars being removed from the clearway on Centennial Avenue

    4 Car Accident

    The worst accident report to ITC since the introduction of the clearways was a 4 Car Accident on Centennial Avenue (near Gentle Street). on Saturday night 2 June 2018 (our cover photo). The accident caused the entire four lanes of traffic to be closed.  There were four ambulances, 2 fire trucks and police in attendance. Police say speeding was the cause of the accident.  In the sam week there were two other major accidents, one was at the corner of Burns Bay Road and Centennial and one was at the corner of Epping Road and Centennial Ave.

    What do you think is there a correlation between speeding cars and clearways?

    Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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