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On In the Cove and ITC Lane Cove Chat we regularly see questions about Unit/Apartment Living and Strata questions.  Living in a Lane Cove Apartment is so convenient.  ITC lived in an apartment complex in Lane Cove for many years before being nagged to move to include Mr Doggy ITC in our family.  One thing we can tell you is that apartment living is easier if you have a good strata manager on your team.

AscendCorp is an experienced premium property services company servicing all of New South Wales and specialising in both Strata Management and Facilities Management.

Founded by Managing Directors and Lane Cove locals Ryan Walmsley and Sarah Macaulay, AscendCorp aims to deliver a unique service based upon extensive experience acquired over more than 15 years with one of Australia’s premier property developers. With intricate knowledge of a vast number of industries such as Strata Management, Facilities Management, Property Management and Development, Ryan Walmsley has designed AscendCorp to bridge the gap between these industries.

With a view of combining top tier relationship management with all stakeholders and uniquely diverse knowledge, AscendCorp is perfectly positioned to set itself apart at the top of the Property Services sector.

What Sets AscendCorp Apart?

Strata Management is currently one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, unfortunately however, AscendCorp believe the Industry itself has failed to keep up with the vast leap forward in technological and social trends that many other industries have taken advantage of to streamline and sharpen their services.

AscendCorp recognise that to keep up with the accelerating pace of life, technology plays an integral role. We use our Smartphones for almost everything while demanding quick responses and instant engagement.

What sets AscendCorp Strata apart is that they have identified this trend and partnered their services with technology to take Strata Management into the 21st Century.

For the first time providing real time analytic dashboards, meeting managers, mobile voting, instantaneous maintenance requests, and accounting and invoicing ‘on the run’, all from the simplicity of a single App on your Smartphone.

Why choose AscendCorp Strata?

  • High end level of service with proactive management and communication
  • Simplifying strata legislative requirements so your home and/or investment is a positive experience
  • Cost savings on insurance, utilities and review of all current contracts
  • High level Strata Accounting and Reporting
  • Cutting edge software including an App downloaded directly to your smartphone, giving you access to all documents 24/7
  • Monthly reporting giving committee members transparency and updates on all current and outstanding matters
  • Industry leading response times using the latest technology to create simple and effective communication
  • In-depth developer experience with the largest developers in Australia
  • Vast network of quality contractors ready to respond
  • All strata meetings held within office hours will incur no additional charge
  • Ability to request work orders and quote requests directly to your Strata Manager through an App installed on your phone
  • Strata Meetings run more efficiently with electronic voting through all attendees’ phones.
  • We are a fun dynamic team who like to work in the 21st century with technology, which means we work faster and less of your time is wasted

Ryan Walmsley | Managing Director AscendCorp

  • Established and operated a successful Strata business for over 8 years
  • Established and operated a successful Facilities Management company for over 10 years
  • Operations Manager for Australia’s largest property developer
  • Intricate knowledge of Strata, Facilities and Property Management
  • Extensive knowledge and full exposure to the set-up, initial period and management of complex buildings

Ryan’s career is highlighted by an extended tenure with one of Australia’s largest Developers. Reporting as Operations Manager and setting up management divisions providing both Facilities Management and Strata Management services, Ryan has developed a deep insight into the development process and post completion management.

Managing a Strata Company for over 8 years, Ryan also developed a keen understanding of the benefits of fostering a professional working relationship between the Strata Manager, Developer and Owners Corporation in ensuring all requirements are fulfilled and managed at the various stages of the development cycle. As the development process overlaps from one stage to the next, it is imperative that the transitions are managed effectively, and communication remains at the forefront to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied with the end result.


Sarah Macaulay | Managing Director & Licensee in Charge at AscendCorp Strata

  • Licensed Strata Managing Agent
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Diploma of Events Management : Torrens University
  • Bachelor of Business : Torrens University (current)
  • Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ recognition for Young Strata Manager of the Year at the Whitbread 2014 Strata Community Awards.

Sarah has over 12 years’ experience in Strata Management and a reputation as one of the best Strata Managers in the industry. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and high level of property industry education, Sarah continues to lead from the front in taking Strata Management into its next evolution.

Retaining licenses in both Strata Management and Real Estate, as well as degrees in both Events Management and Business, Sarah is the backbone of the AscendCorp delivery promise. Driven to provide unparalleled quality, exceptional turnaround times and astute advice, Sarah sets and maintains the highest of standards for AscendCorp Strata Management.


Contact Us:

Address: 8/50 Victoria Road Drummoyne, NSW, 2047
Phone: 02 9799 1111
Email: [email protected]

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