Austin Street Lane Cove Trees Killed

    Trees outside 21 – 25 Austin Street have been unlawfully damaged.  Austin
    Street like many Lane Cove streets has many trees lining the street.
    Sometime in late November, early December 2019 a number of trees were unlawfully damaged resulting in the trees dying.  They were attacked with a chainsaw (see our cover photo).

    The houses at 21 – 25 Austin Street have all been purchased by the same company.  Tenants were told to move out by the end of November 2019. One tenant told ITC that they did hear chainsawing in late November but thought it was coming from behind them near Coles.

    There have been no development applications lodged in respect of those houses.

    Lane Cove Council has issued the following statement:

    “It is believed that over the Christmas period a number of trees between 21-25 Austin Street, Lane Cove were unlawfully damaged resulting in their death. Council’s Tree Management Officer along with Council’s Legal Team are conducting an ongoing investigation into the site and the circumstances around the death of the trees. Council would like to reiterate that wilful damage of a protected tree can carry heavy fines or prosecution of up to $1.1m. If you have any queries regarding a tree within the municipality, or would like to report possible illegal works, please contact the Tree team on 9911 3583.

    Council would also like to thank the residents of Lane Cove for their support and assistance with this matter.”

    If anyone has CCTV vision or saw any activity in relation to these trees please contact Lane Cove Council.

    We need our trees more than ever.  Several studies have shown that tree lined streets reduce heat.  The EPA published the following on their website in late 2019

    “Trees and vegetation are most useful as a mitigation strategy when planted in strategic locations around buildings or to shade pavement in parking lots and on streets. Researchers have found that planting deciduous trees or vines to the west is typically most effective for cooling a building, especially if they shade windows and part of the building’s roof.”

    Cover Photo Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society

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