8 Great Lane Cove Toasted Sandwiches

In the 1700’s  John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was hungry after a long day and night gambling.  However he did not want to leave the gambling table, so asked for a meal he could eat while gambling.  The humble sandwich was born.

What makes a sandwich even greater is when it is toasted to warm up the filling and allowing certain ingredients to become oozy.

The toasted sandwich is ITC’s goto Lunch in Lane Cove and we have tasted quite a few. The selections below are some of our favs.

Tell us if you have a fav and we will check it out (it’s a hard job but someone has to do it.)

Lil Lane Eatery – Reuben Sandwich

Lil Lane Eatery has one of the best Reuben sandwiches ITC has ever tasted.  What is a Reuben sandwich?  The usual components are corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. The original sandwich is said to have been first made back in the early 1900s!  Lil Lane Eatery has put their own spin on it and it is delicious.

Contact Details

(02) 9418 9708
Facebook: Lillane Eatery
Website: Lillane Eatery
ITC Business Community Supporter: Lillane Eatery


The Junction Coffe Co – Wagyu Beef Sandwich

This sandwich is delicious.  The bread is from social enterprise The Bread and Butter Project.

The Wagyu Beef melts in your mouth.  The sandwich is also stuffed with yummy vegetables and a sauce that you will love.  Make sure you buy before 1.00 pm as this sandwich regularly sells out.


Contact Details

 Shop 13 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
 9418 8005
  Junction Coffee Co 
ITC Business Community Supporter:  Junction Coffee Co

Birdwood Cafe – Croque Monsieur

Leave to the French to come up with a fancy name for a ham and cheese toasted sandwich.  The Croque Monsieur is two huge doorstep slices of bread filled with slices of Gruyère cheese and slices of ham.  The Birdwood Cafe has a very very good Croque Monsieur.  If you manage to eat it all,  you will not feel hungry for the rest of the day.

Contact Details

Address:  24 Birdwood Avenue, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: 8095 0400
Instagram:  BirdwoodCafeSydney
Facebook:  BirdwoodCafe
Website: Birdwood Cafe
ITC Business Community Supporter: Birdwood

Jack & Co Food Store Northwood – BBQ Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

This sandwich is packed (and we mean packed) with ingredients.  The Chicken is so tender.  The bread is from social enterprise The Bread and Butter Project.  Any sandwich that includes the food group “Bacon” is a winner for us.  Try this one out – you won’t be disappointed.
Address: 7-9 Northwood Road, Northwood NSW 2066
Phone: (02) 9418 6019

Bella Bacio – Toasted Chicken Sandwich

Bella Bacio is located on Centennial Avenue in Lane Cove North. They have a huge outdoor seating area. You can read ITC’s review of Bella Bacio here. Their servings are very generous and their Toasted Chicken Sandwich is no exception.

Contact Details

AddressShop 1, 7-13 Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove North NSW 2066
Phone(02) 9420 8088
InstagramBella Bacio Cafe
Facebook:  Bella Bacio Cafe
ITC Business Community Supporter: Bella Bacio

Encasa Lane Cove – Bocadillos

You can grab a Bocadillo to takeaway or eat in from 11 am to 5 pm…  A Bocadillo is a made to order Spanish style sandwich on a freshly baked baguette.  There are over eight different types of Bocadillos to choose from, but our favourite is the Chorizo Bocadillo made with grilled Spanish sausage, roast capsicum, tomato, Spanish onion and aioli.

Contact Details
Address:  132 Longueville Road  Lane Cove NSW
Phone: (02) 9418 8577
Website: EncasaLaneCove
Facebook: @Encasa
Instagram:  @EncasaAustralia
ITC Business Community Supporter: Encasa

La Provence – Deconstructed Provolone Cheese and Bacon Sandwich

This deconstructed sandwich is one you must try (even if it is only to taste the amazing tomato relish).  This is another sandwich that will keep you full until dinner time.

Contact Details

50 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Instagram: laprovenceespresso
La Provence
La Provence
ITC Business Community Supporter: La Provence

IGA Express Agora Sopressa Sandwich

Sopressa is an Italian aged salami, produced with pork, salt, pepper, spices and garlic.  The Sopressa sandwich is spicy.  It also rates high on the gooey cheese scale.  IGA Express Agora is located on Burns Bay Road Lane Cove West.

Contact Details

Address:  165 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove
Phone: 02 9427 2275

Chargrill Charlies Roasted Chicken Roll

Okay, it’s not a toasted sandwich, but it is one of ITC’s goto lunchtime snacks so we had to include it in our list.   The Roast Chicken is hot and the roll is very very crunchy – what more do you need in a sandwich?

Contact Details

Address: Lane Cove Plaza, 27 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove, NSW, 2066
Phone: 02 8095 9761
Facebook: @Chargrill Charlie
Instagram: @ChargrillCharlies
Website: chargrillcharlies.com
iOS App: Apple iOS App Download here
Android App: Download here
Open: 7 Days a week

What is your goto Lane Cove Sandwich?  Send us an email and a picture at [email protected]

This is not a sponsored post, we have tried (and tried and tried) and paid for all of the above sandwiches.  Each cafe listed is an ITC business supporter and we thank them for supporting us.  This allows us to do our community and advocacy work.  We love keeping Lane Cove informed.

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