Lane Cove News Week in Review 15th to 22nd March 2020

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Stage 1 – Covid 19 Shut Down

The NSW Government will proceed to a more comprehensive shutdown of non-essential services over the next 48 hours.

Latest Update at 10 pm today
The National Cabinet has met and they do not want to implement the non-essential shut down announced by the NSW premier today. However the following will now be shut down from midday tomorrow.
▪️Registered and licensed clubs and licensed premises in hotels and pubs.
▪️Entertainment venues and cinemas, casinos and nightclubs.
▪️Restaurants and cafes will be restricted to takeaway and delivery only.
▪️Indoor sporting venues including gyms.
▪️Places of worship.
▪️Enclosed spaces for funerals will have to following four square metre rule
At this stage, advice around schools has not changed and they will remain open. However, parents can choose to keep their children at home under their parent’s responsibility.
Shopping Centres are open and takeaway bottle shops are allowed to operate.
Luckily Porter’s Liquor Northwood home deliver Below is a list of local Lane Cove shops you can help by using takeaway and delivery. For Coffee download a pre ordering app like Hey You so you do grab and go.

Lane Cove Library Imposing Limits on Entry

This week the Lane Cove Library and the Lane Cove Aquatic imposed limits on the number of people who could be on their premises.

List of Business Who Home Deliver or Providing Services Online

Here is a list of local businesses who deliver and who are doing online courses.

Many local businesses have adapted to allow you to order delivery. If you don’t support them, they will not be here once this crisis abates. Please take the time to let others know about this article so they support local as well.

Sydney Community Services Calling for Donations

Sydney Community Services is assisting the elderly and vulnerable in our community. They urgently need donations as per below. If you can donate but are unable to drop off at Sydney Community Services please email us – ITC now has a team of volunteers who are ready to help out in situations like this and to help their neighbours.

Social Distancing

We have put together a list of things you can do on your own in Lane Cove and some activities that you can do at home to hook up with your friends.  Read more here.

This picture below was posted on ITC Lane Cove Chat with the following comment:

“Just a thought 🤔 How about sitting out the front of your house with your cuppa or your vino later in the day, with your book or your embroidery(!) & chat to your neighbours who are walking by. I guess there’s going to be a lot of lonely people around especially the elderly & vulnerable who could really have their spirits lifted. Keeping a good social distance, of course!”

Fox Spotted

This foxy chap below was spotted in Karilla Avenue. If you do see a fox please register the sighting with Feral Scan. Details here.

Drug Raid Lane Cove

This week police conducted drug raids in Lane Cove North and Artarmon. Four men have been arrested. More details here.

Lane Cove ane Riverview Power Black Outs

Areas of Lane Cove West and Riverview have had more power blackouts than other Lane Cove areas, why is this happening? ITC has compiled a list of power outages since 2017 and sent this to Anthony Roberts.

ITC has now found out that if you submitted a claim for compensation during the February blackout you will not be paid out – even if you were without electricity for seven days.

ITC spoke to Anthony Roberts this week and he said he is putting pressure on Ausgrid for this issue to be fixed and also to obtain compensation for families.  Read more here.

Truck Catches Fire on Pacific Highway Lane Cove North

Om 16th March 2020 a truck caught on fire on the Pacific Highway near the Longueville Road/Epping Road ramp. Police and fire crews were quickly in attendance.

Mini Crime Wave

There have been several incidents in the Lane Cove Council Area of houses and cars being broken into.  Read more here.  Since we wrote this article there have been reports of cars and garages being broken into on Burns Bay Road and Longueville.

Daily Covid 19 Updates

In the Cove is issuing daily Covid 19 updates. This was our last update on Friday – obviously, some things have changed but it does have other important info you may want to know about. Read more here.

Medical Assistance for Non Covid 19

If you are unwell outside business hours for reasons other than Covid 19 and you do not wish to attend a hospital emergency centre then you might want to visit WISE.

If you’ve ever waited in the emergency department at Royal North Shore you will know that it can sometimes be a long wait.  If you have a child who plays sports you will know the wait can be a while as new patients continue to come in and the doctors and nurses work hard to keep up with the waiting list.  What if you could avoid this waiting time?  There is a solution and it is WiSE Emergency Clinic.  

WiSE Emergency Clinic provides walk-in specialist medical care for non-life threatening illness or injury.

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Our cover photo was taken by mickjl – it is the social distancing marks in Woolworths Lane Cove.

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