A Lane Cove Local’s Covid 19 Mandatory Self Isolation Tips

Lara Wehby is a Lane Cove local mum and businesswoman.  Lara and her family recently returned home from overseas and they are now in mandatory Self Isolation (or Home Iso as she calls it).  We asked Lara to tell us a bit about their time in mandatory self-isolation.

This  is what she told us:

Home Iso Roller Coaster

Living in Home Iso is much like being on a roller coaster. The range of emotions is like the highs and lows, twists and turns of one of the most fun and scary of roller coasters.

Ranging from enjoying quality family time and having fun together to a desperate need to get away and have a break. Enjoying not having to commute to work and having the whole family at home for dinner, bath and bed time. Getting to do those chores around the house that you just never get to, like all the filing, cleaning out your wardrobe and maybe in taking the opportunity to detox.

Coming from a family with two young kids and dog the hardest thing is definitely trying to juggle work, personal time and couple time while looking after the kids ALL day while not resorting to screen time. We have tried to set some routines and plan the days out and that is definitely helping but there is only so much planning you can do with young kids. Add to that trying to toilet train a 2 year old (we thought it was a good opportunity to do it) and you get a roller coaster.

Don’t forget that added tension of worrying about Covid-19 and whether we are going to get it, or if close family at risk might get it.

Making it Work

The key things that we are doing to make it work for us:

  • Exercising at home
  • Eating healthily
  • Listening to music and the radio
  • Trying to create a routine for work and for the kids
  • Setting some structure around when each of us work and who is responsible for the kids
  • Creating a to do list of things we want to do and achieve in this time that we wouldn’t normally be able to
  • Taking turns to have personal space away from the family
  • Trying to limit our own screen time
  • Keeping work to a separate area of the house and not working around the kids
  • Enjoying some quality family time together playing cards and eating meals together
  • Doing family yoga
  • Getting creative with kids activities, like obstacle courses, aerobics and playing shops
  • Planning the meals for the week to ensure we have the food we need and or not wasting anything
  • Asking close friends for help when we need it
  • Facetimeing close friends and family instead of texting
  • Being grateful for what we have
  • Staying positive and doing what we can to help the community:
    • Ordering from local businesses who deliver
    • Maintaining memberships for activities and taking part in virtual activities
    • Buying gift vouchers future appointments

Sounding Board

Lara runs Well Run Consulting.  She told ITC that she is working hard with her clients on business planning and is busy working with them on scenario planning.  However, if there are any local businesses that want a sounding board to help them think of creative ways to pivot their businesses she is happy to have a chat with them (no charge of course).  She will have a chat with you on Zoom (outside normal business hours and subject to family commitments). You can contact Lara via email here.

Thanks Lara for sharing your story with In the Cove.

Mental Health Support

If you aren’t feeling yourself lately the Way2Wellness team are available to listen. Talk to a trained mental health supporter using a free and confidential wellbeing service.
For more information visit: www.way2wellness.org.au or call: 1300 120 446 to chat.

Lifeline Phone: 13 11 14


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SANE Australia

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